Young people take advantage of extra opportunity

They made the most of their opportunity, the "ecn-class" schoolchildren at the johann-puppert school. They were now able to receive their certificates during a ceremony. "Ecn" stands for "using extra opportunities, this is a successful model that has been practiced for years at the michelau middle school.
A total of 25 students attended the ecn class during the past school year. Almost all of them have graduated from high school, some of them even with a qualifying high school diploma.
The special model for the 9. Class by the municipality of michelau, the sachauandstrager, the evangelic deanery of michelau, as free sponsor, and by the donations of the savings bank. The parents’ council and the forderverein also support the project, which will be repeated in the coming school year if possible.
It was a worthy hour of celebration, which the schoolchildren honored with their festive attire. Principal alexandra kober wished the dismissed students courage, hope, perseverance, willingness to work hard and confidence in their own abilities. It is no less important to find the right paths and always have a clear goal in mind.
"Those who want to avoid something look for reasons, those who want to achieve something look for ways", was the message that the director of the school district norbert hauck gave to the dismissing students. Burgermeister helmut fischer (CSU) turned his attention to the acquired degree. "You could be proud of what you have achieved", he congratulated on behalf of the community. The company will continue to support its local school in the future. The proud sum of 6.6 million euros is to be invested in the general renovation of the building.
"We are a very special class, we rocked the school year together", the spokeswomen of the dismissal school students announced. They were happy to reminisce, accompanied by pictures, about joint undertakings and special events. Their thanks went to all the teachers involved. In recognition, they each presented a sunflower to the school principal alexandra kober, the teachers christa witzgall, martina faber, angelika bittermann, kathrin sunkel, tina schardt and angelika weib. Not forgotten were also the secretary birgitt bohm and the janitor michael prehmus.
The highlight was the presentation of the certificates. Additionally, there was a folder of the district for every single ecn-schooler. A special honor was bestowed on the best male and female graduates. Jaqueline krappmann and alexander eckhardt received a special award from the principal for their outstanding performance.

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