World store makes town a “fair trade town

World store makes town a 'fair trade town

Always keen to diversify their offerings, the team of volunteers also made every effort to expand the range of products last year. The lebenswelt association promoted its products at parish festivals, clothing drives, lectures and school visits, as chairwoman monika mutzel explained at the members’ meeting.
Mutzel wants to turn hammelburg into a “fair trade town transform. Schools, cafes and restaurants should also offer fair trade products in the future. Cooperation with other clubs was desirable. The chairwoman recommended that the refugees be included in the charge. She is also striving for a dialogue with groups from the church sector. The formation of networks has already started with the “entangled world” started. Women knit scarves with wool from the world store, which are later made into blankets. Before that, the club wants to “warmly wrap” the market fountain at the michael market.
This year’s donations will go to the evangelical church community for its children in need project in nairobi and to christian mussig for a bolivianian children’s hospital.
Business manager gaby ordelheide explained the range of products, which also includes items from the lebenshilfe workshops. Optimized software now makes it possible to offer a better service. Rita scholl presented the financial report: according to this report, the lebenswelt association has 69 members and a solid financial basis. Daniela hofbauer had to report a drop in sales, which – as irene fell believed – was the result of lower purchases. However, the supplier in alzenau had also closed down, so the club had to look for a new partner.
At the new elections, chairwoman monika mutzel again received the trust for the next three years. The equal chairman, rudolf heckmann, resigned from his office. Brigitte ruppert took over the responsibility at the top of the association in his place. Rita scholl remains treasurer, michaela drescher secretary. The treasurers dorothee tuchscherer and stefanie schlereth also took up their office again. Assessors are margit weibenberger, eva zehe and rudolf heckmann.

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