Why the bavarian sports youth is so valuable

Why the bavarian sports youth is so valuable

Ute braun remains chairwoman of the bayerische sportjugend (bsj) in lower franconia. The experienced functionary from nordheim was confirmed unanimously for four years in her office on the district day in grettstadt. Deputy chairwoman remains manuela schneider. Stefanie scheer (elementary sports, sports in schools and clubs), carmen burk (international youth work), wolfgang schmitt (teaching and educational work), philipp jeske (youth ring and professional associations) and juli heubeck (youth projects) were elected as assessors for the individual departments. Jasper westphal and lena plettner will in the future represent the interests of young people in the district as youth spokespersons in the work of the board, as it says in a press release of the district sports youth.

In the presence of schweinfurt’s district administrator florian topper and BLSV president jorg ammon, the district youth leadership gave an account of its work in its reports. She told of many small cooperations with kindergartens in lower franconia, a bsj project for prevention and health promotion for small and preschool children. At the core of this is the motor development of children and the education of parents for a healthy lifestyle.

The "highlight" of the past four years was the simultaneous exchange with japan, which was supervised by carmen burk, and the "unforgettable impressions that the young people in japan and the japanese young people in germany got". In 18 days the nine-headed delegation from bavaria had a varied program, it says on the homepage of the bsj.

The bsj unterfranken is very active in the field of voluntary services. In the district, training courses are offered annually for two groups to become exercise leaders. This is how "important contacts" with young sportsmen and women and their places of work were established. "A successful model of the bsj, which is just as important for our clubs as it is for young people in the orientation phase", he said.

The bsj has been active in juvenile detention for 13 years. In this way, it gives sports and pedagogy students an insight into sports behind bars, which is an "enriching experience" for all involved. In addition, the bsj had shown itself as a competent contact partner in the prevention of sexualized violence. Several trainings and consultations have been held by chairwoman ute braun and have helped to give more security to exercise leaders and clubs in this often delicate area.

The further training of many training leaders was also mentioned as a success. The trainings to the exercise leader C-breitensport children and young people are offered annually in different circles on three dates. The local district youth leaders are responsible for organizing the event. The team of instructors was able to complete the 125 training units and the subsequent examination without any problems.

Were honored on the bezirksjugendtag stefanie scheer, florian neubauer, carmen burk, christian grieninger and mareike menschick with the honor pin in silver. The golden pin received frank mohrlein. Edwin metzler and wolfgang schmitt received the bsj pin of honor in gold with wreath.

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