Where the globe grows

Where the globe grows

Jochen berger

A kind of concrete ruff has been created in recent weeks on the site of the former guterbahnhof in coburg.

This "neck ruff" cast in concrete is a so-called drilling template, explains kristijan kostic from the building department of the city of coburg on the globe construction site in the immediate vicinity of itz.

The architect is coordinating the work for the globe as the client’s representative, which began at the end of october with the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony.

Hybrid construction

By christmas time, kostic said, a concrete bored pile wall is to be created from 172 bored piles.

This bored pile wall then does not yet form the outer wall of the circularly planned building, but serves to secure the actual building pit. Around 8,000 tons of excavation work was required to secure the actual construction pit – according to the city, this corresponds to around 500 truckloads.

The basement wall for the "globe are to be built at a distance of about one meter from this bored pile wall.

The globe will then be built on the basement floor in wooden construction. Hybrid construction is the name given to this combination of concrete and timber construction. These works are said to be "quite draughty" kostic hopes that the project will go ahead – the wooden elements will finally be delivered as prefabricated components. The shell should be completed in the 2nd half. To be completed in the second quarter of 2021. At the same time as the "globe the planned three adjoining buildings will be erected. Together with the globe, they will be at the disposal of the landestheater from the fall of 2022.

The globe will then serve as a temporary venue during the planned general renovation of the landestheater, but will then be available as a permanent cultural venue.

Currently (as of may 2020), construction costs for the globe and its three adjoining buildings are estimated at 21.9 million euros. This does not include connection costs for utilities and waste disposal, costs for the disposal of contaminated sites, or costs for furnishings and facade lighting.

Concerts, theater, lectures

In the "globe there will be several possibilities of seating – depending on the use for theatrical performances, musical theater or lectures and meetings.

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