Verstappen ahead of vettel at formula 1 qualifying session

Verstappen ahead of vettel at formula 1 qualifying session

World championship leader lewis hamilton in a mercedes takes third place. Vettel’s team threat charles leclerc, most recently winner in spa and monza, did not finish higher than 19th place due to a technical problem.

World championship runner-up valtteri bottas had a miserable start to the season. On his very first laps, the finn touched a wall with his silver arrow and damaged a tire. Later, he lost control in a curve and drove his car into the roadside barrier. The training was interrupted for nine minutes. Bottas climbed out of the wreckage apparently unharmed.

In singapore, the first exercise unit is usually of little significance. Unlike qualifying and racing, the pilots still drive in daylight. The city track is often still dirty and slippery.

Before the 15. Grand prix of the season on sunday (14.10 a.M./tv and sky), british defending champion hamilton leads the overall standings with a 63-point lead over teammate bottas and is well on his way to a sixth world championship triumph. Followed by verstappen, leclerc and vettel by a wide margin.

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