Up to 55 years in the same company

Up to 55 years in the same company

55 years in one company – that hardly ever happens nowadays. That’s why the transport and waste disposal company seger was particularly proud to honor robert kiesel for this time at the christmas party.

In 2012, arnold schmitt, steffen bauer, csaba hegedus, tobias kack and daniel bergmann began their work as truck drivers, mullwerkers and car mechanics and were honored this year for five years. Alexander naumann and adolf behr received recognition from the entire staff for 15 years, and gunter jansch was honored for his tireless efforts over the past 20 years.

Herbert glas, matthias jahn and peter weigand have already been loyal to the company for a quarter of a century. For 30 years ulrike seger was honored.

Peter kirchner has been with the company for 45 years and robert kiesel for 55 years. Both are already retired, but remain with the seger company as temporary employees and support their colleagues with their many years of experience.

The employees did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the jubilee of the management as well. Christine seger was honored for 30 years of service, while joachim seger has been assisting his employees for 25 years.

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