Untersteinach children can splash around in water

Untersteinach children can splash around in water

A water playground worth 15,000 euros has now been opened at the untersteinach children’s daycare center. Background to the "new water-mud trench" project was the tenth anniversary of the facility, which was celebrated last year.

Since then, around 9000 euros have been collected through many campaigns as well as donations and sponsorships. The communities of untersteinach and guttenberg also contributed a total of 1,500 euros to the financing of the project. Since the remaining costs were covered by the kindergarten in untersteinach, the children’s heartfelt wish was quickly realized.

Daycare center director sylvia bayer and the head of the facility’s department, elke wuthe, thanked the mayors volker schmiechen and eugen hain as well as all parents, active supporters and donors on behalf of the children for their commitment to financing the facility.

The guests who attended the official opening were served delicious snacks and cocktails by the children. After that, however, there was no stopping them, and the little ones took possession of the facility in perfect weather with loud cheers.

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