The iffigheimer hirsch becomes italian

the iffigheimer hirsch becomes italian

Iffigheim has an inn again. In the former "zum hirschen" inn alessia de maio-lutz has opened the pizzeria il cervo. The name "zum hirschen will be kept, but with the italian translation "il cervo" extends.

Three guesthouses paid once the seinsheim district. Besides the hirschen, there was also the grunen baum and also the building, which the community is now rubbing down for the village community center, once housed a tavern.

With the inn "zum hirschen", as locals remember, it must have ended about ten years ago. Now it goes on. The italian-born de maio-lutz, who lives in seinsheim, had been looking for premises for a small tavern. "This has then escalated somewhat", adds christoph lutz, who supports them, laughing. It was found in nearby iffigheim and became a pizzeria. With a lot of optimism, strength and courage, alessia de maio-lutz started at the beginning of 2020 to run the traditional inn "zum hirschen" to renovate. It has preserved many things, including the old table and the fan.

She wanted to pick up where the previous owner left off: offering a meeting place in iffigheim for young and old alike. And she liked "a piece of italy in your neighborhood" mediate. She grew up in the gastronomy, her parents had a pizzeria near miltenberg. Father toni de maio supports his daughter.

Alessia de maio-lutz, who is actually a trained educator, now follows in her parents’ footsteps and offers only pizza. Sunday brunch is served on certain dates. Possibly there will be theme evenings next year.

Corona’s interior currently only has room for 20 people. However, a rough beer garden is still available with up to 100 seats. Everything should start small. Therefore is open only on monday, tuesday, friday and sunday from 17 to 23 o’clock, beer garden until 22 o’clock.

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