Three bicycle thefts have been recorded by the forchheim police in the past few days. In the period from friday, 16.30 o’clock until saturday, 9.30 o’clock a female children’s mountain bike of the brand winora/streethammer, parked at the train station in kersbach, was stolen by an unknown perpetrator. Only the locked front tire was found on site. The theft damage amounts to about 360 euros.

A mountain bike that was stolen in the period from sunday, 8 p.M. To monday ,6.30 o’clock at the sidewalk of a present in the kantstrabe was also the prey of an unknown thief. It is a bicycle of the brand dynamics/pro, silver/black with worn handlebar grips and rusty saddle, handlebars and chain. The mountain bike still had a value of about 200 euros.

Coronavirus: rome plans a package of billions for the economy

Italian government plans 3.6 billion euro aid package for economy hit by coronavirus outbreak. This is the amount that the minister of economy, roberto gualtieri, mentioned in an interview with "la repubblica" on sunday.

Prime minister giuseppe conte addressed in the newspaper "il fatto quotidiano" the desire of rome that the highly indebted country wants to increase the deficit ratio for the state budget. This will be coordinated with the european union, he was quoted in agencies.

Award for the riding club

An unusual award was presented to the schwanberg riding club from groblangheim. In the nationwide competition "our tournament should be better 2013", the riding club was among the top three. This was reported by mathias pfriem, chairman of the riding club, at the annual general meeting.

The competition judged not only the innovative event concept, the recruitment of helpers, the public relations work and the sponsoring, but also the supporting program, the club announced in a letter to the press. Mathias pfriem accepted the prize with a small delegation at the international horse show "lowen classics" in braunschweig.

Many years around the piano in use

In the almost 40 years of its existence, piano-center kleinhenz has made an international name for itself in the field of piano and grand piano restoration, repair, tuning, transport, rental and sales. 80 grand pianos and 120 uprights of the premium brands steinway&sons, C. Bechstein, bosendorfer, fazioli, and all other brands, from small pianos to 290 concert grand pianos, must always be available in top playing condition and sound quality and at the highest level for top pianists from all over the world.

That this succeeds, it needs reliable employees. This honored boss beatrix and manager peter kleinhenz in the context of a small celebration. For 35 years michael herrmann has been working as a piano tuner (tuning, mechanical preparation and sales). For 30 years fritz sattes has been working as a piano builder (piano building, tuning, regulation, intonation). For 20 years, all-rounder stefan witzke has been responsible for transports, logistics, stage technology and digital pianos.

Loyal supporters of neighbors in need

The "help for neighbors in coburg" association has been in existence for almost nine years. And since 2012, the rodentaler machine builder werner lieb KG has been a firm supporter of the club. Every year, the family business donates to the organization, which helps people in need from the city and the district of coburg, who cannot count on quick social assistance. Also this year the managing directors michael and steffen lieb handed over a check in the amount of 2500 euro to the club chairmen martin faber and jurgen muller, the club informs.

"The company lieb is one of our most loyal donors", elected jurgen muller. Nevertheless feel "help for neighbors coburg" this support is not a matter of course. "We are happy every year when the company lieb wants to hand over their donation", emphasized muller. She has always been able to help a large number of people in the region.

Number of full-time and part-time employees rises

The number of part-time employees rose by 2.2 percent in the second quarter, while the number of full-time employees increased by 1.5 percent compared to the same period last year, according to the institute for employment research (IAB) in nurnberg. "The upswing in employment is therefore not a shifting station," said IAB researcher enzo weber. The number of people in employment increased by 1.5 percent compared with the previous year’s quarter to 44.2 million.

Full-time employees worked an average of around 38 hours, while part-time employees worked around 17 hours. "The average working time in part-time jobs is now almost 100 hours a year higher than it was in 2004," said weber. The reason: today there are more regular part-time jobs, the number of those employed exclusively on a part-time basis has been declining for years.

Sg kunstadt/weidhausen asks top team to dance

After two home wins against SV obertraubling and TS herzogenaurach II, who were second in the table at the time, the SG kunstadt/weidhausen once again wants to live up to its reputation as the favorites in the women’s regional league north. However, the tough task awaits against top-ranked ESV regensburg II.

Four games without defeat

But with the confidence of four games in a row without defeat and the home advantage in the back, the team of coach christine gahn is on sunday (14.30 o’clock, michelau mainfeldhalle) not without a chance against the title favorite.

Daniel gotz sprinted in 17:21 minutes from thann up to the hohn sports field

The running department of the SV bergdorf-hohn organized the 16. Honda mountain race from. Sunshine and hardly any wind – this makes running fun, despite the strain of the partly difficult and steep sections on the way up to the hohner sports field.

The high point of this mountain race was the 4.5 kilometer race for men, women and both youth classes. Started in thann. Daniel gotz from SV bergdorf-hohn showed an amazing performance after a long injury break. Without being fully challenged, he won in 17:21 minutes, clearly ahead of his club mate dominik mages, who won his M35 race in 18:55 minutes with a large lead.

As a spokesman for the turkish-german entrepreneurs association (TDU) berlin-brandenburg told the news agency dpa on saturday, the "father of the donor" had already died on thursday in berlin.

Kadir nurman came to germany as a guest worker. In 1972, he began selling meat in pita bread at the zoo train station in berlin, as he himself reported during his lifetime. The doner kebab was born, at least on german soil. In turkey, grilled meat from the spit is on the plate, in germany it traditionally goes over the counter in pita bread.

the iffigheimer hirsch becomes italian

Iffigheim has an inn again. In the former "zum hirschen" inn alessia de maio-lutz has opened the pizzeria il cervo. The name "zum hirschen will be kept, but with the italian translation "il cervo" extends.

Three guesthouses paid once the seinsheim district. Besides the hirschen, there was also the grunen baum and also the building, which the community is now rubbing down for the village community center, once housed a tavern.