art group combines its winter exhibition with a quiz

Under the motto "wine or art this year’s winter exhibition of the art group of the art and culture association herzogenaurach, which was opened on friday evening in the art room in langenzenner strabe, is on display. As part of the exhibition, the art association is organizing an art history quiz with seven questions. The winner will be determined by lottery and announced on 15. December announced at the finissage.

You can win a voucher worth 100 euro for wine from getrankemarkt wirth or one of the artworks marked with a green dot in the exhibition by the following artists: bernhard belzer, dorothee boegner, gerlinde fick-meyer, gabriele joppien, marianne kriegel, ilonka munster-maar, irene hetzler, monika roth and angelika tauscher.

change of leadership at the kissinger sangervereinigung

Wolfgang russ did not run after ten years any more, it is further in a press release of the sangervereinigung.

The kissinger sangervereinigung looks back on a successful year of rehearsals and concerts in 2019. Highlights of the year were two performances of joseph haydn’s oratorio "die jahreszeiten", the passion concert "stabat mater" in the jakobuskirche as well as a concert trip in may to eisenstadt.

Tc women gild their great achievements

The past summer season could not have gone better for the men’s and women’s tennis teams of TC 66 herzogenaurach. Seven promotions in all, with the women’s team in particular having an unblemished record and underlining its status as a flagship club. The first women’s team with olivia richter, hanna schmerer, michaela lisecova, nicole martens, caro basu, petra ladstatter, eva krejcova and dominika wojtal beat the strong teams from manching and TC RW erlangen, kept a clean slate with 7:0 victories and thus made it into the state league.

Promotion at the third attempt

Verstappen ahead of vettel at formula 1 qualifying session

World championship leader lewis hamilton in a mercedes takes third place. Vettel’s team threat charles leclerc, most recently winner in spa and monza, did not finish higher than 19th place due to a technical problem.

World championship runner-up valtteri bottas had a miserable start to the season. On his very first laps, the finn touched a wall with his silver arrow and damaged a tire. Later, he lost control in a curve and drove his car into the roadside barrier. The training was interrupted for nine minutes. Bottas climbed out of the wreckage apparently unharmed.

Mayor knut morgenroth (SPD) reported on two grant notifications from the government of upper franconia with a pleasing result in the youngest municipal council meeting. On the one hand, the portable fire engine for the beikheim fire department is subsidized with 26,500 euro, on the other hand, the new construction of the fire department apparatus house (also in beikheim) in the amount of 57,750 euro.

An additional cost of 4,000 euros was incurred for the disposal of mixed rubble from the demolition work on the fire station in beikheim, morgenroth explained.

Representatives of the coburg CSU used the new year’s reception to defend coburg’s second mayor birgit weber from criticism. City council members of the christian-social burgers had criticized the management of the building and tourism officer at the members’ meeting of their electoral association. Gerhard amend had said, among other things, that birgit weber was too well paid to be a model. Thereupon the deputy chairwoman of the women’s union, irm titz, had accused him as sexism. The CSB reacted to all this on monday with a further declaration. Here the wording:
" fact is: the 2. Mayor dr. Birgit weber published the pommernstrabe development plan, which was overturned by the bavarian administrative court. She presented a parking concept that was rejected by the majority of city council members -including the CSU-, the chamber of commerce and industry, the retail trade, but also the visitors to the city center. The cooperation of city councillor gerhard amend and other city councillors then took place in workshops to push through changes in the interests of the citizens.
The CSB’s main criticism of the work of dr. Birgit weber has completed her term of office. She obviously sees her office exclusively as a representative political office and not as the head of the building administration. Therefore, it is not by chance that the oberburgermeister assigns tasks that are part of her department to employees from department 1 (oberburgermeister) or to the CSB. Wifog and wohnbau ubertragen. The construction of the parking lot at the train station he took over himself. With regard to the remarks made by district chairman rene boldt at the CSU’s new year’s reception, we need only recall the inscription of the order of the garter (translated for rene boldt as: "a rascal who thinks evil of it.").
It is a pity that the mayor only stands in front of her employees when criticism is voiced by the CSB. Why didn’t she do the same when CSU city councilor jurgen oehm made an unflattering attack on a member of the administration?? Why was the outgoing director of tourism allowed to call city councilors friedrich herdan (member of the CSU city council faction, editor’s note) and gerhard amend clueless at a meeting of the tourism council, which she chairs? The two city councils had requested in a motion the reorganization of the tourism and city marketing, which is currently being prepared. The CSB hope that the learning phase of dr. Weber is now complete and in the future she will lead department 2 as head of administration."

Four counties and one resolution against power lines

The planned p44/p44mod alternating current lines. Continued to stumble on rough resistance. During a meeting with thomas bareib, parliamentary secretary of state in the federal ministry of economics, a delegation from the counties of coburg, schweinfurt, bad kissingen and habberge once again made clear their opposition to these power lines. This is stated in a press release issued by all participants.
At the meeting in berlin, besides the members of the federal parliament hans michelbach (coburg/kronach) and anja weisgerber (schweinfurt), the representatives of the counties, cities and municipalities were deputy district administrator christian gunsenheimer, deputy chairman of the coburg municipal association tobias ehrlicher, deputy district administrator christine bender (schweinfurt), district administrator wilhelm schneider (habberge), mayor ulrich werner (bergrheinfeld) and head of department thomas schoenwald (district office bad kissingen). At the meeting at the federal ministry of economics, gunsenheimer, ehrlicher and michelbach made it clear to the new secretary of state for energy issues that the coburg demands are clear in content, and that the people in the region are more than willing to protest further.
While michelbach pointed out the insanity of rising electricity prices due to grid expansion, especially at the expense of the coburg economy, gunsenheimer and ehrlicher once again referred to the high burden on the coburg region caused by the transportation projects of german unification and the "thuringer strombrucke" already built and the missing economic and scientifically provable basis for the power line P44/p44mod. Questions could not be answered by the federal network agency, mostly with the indication that the federal government’s political guidelines do not allow it. The delegation rejected a transfer station within upper franconia, as this would lead to a division within the region. That is why they will also participate in the meeting with the delegation from kronach at the beginning of september.
It became exciting when the secretary of state of the ministry of economics came to talk about the alternative: "for sure one or the other route will be omitted when the expansion of wind power in the south of germany will pick up speed. But with bavaria’s so-called 10-H regulation, this burden was placed solely on baden-wurttemberg – so the bavarians have to get moving."
At the end, bareib agreed to visit the region of coburg to see for himself the situation of the rough burden presented by the infrastructure projects. The delegation was happy to invite him.

More to the topic them in short on plus

They made the most of their opportunity, the "ecn-class" schoolchildren at the johann-puppert school. They were now able to receive their certificates during a ceremony. "Ecn" stands for "using extra opportunities, this is a successful model that has been practiced for years at the michelau middle school.
A total of 25 students attended the ecn class during the past school year. Almost all of them have graduated from high school, some of them even with a qualifying high school diploma.
The special model for the 9. Class by the municipality of michelau, the sachauandstrager, the evangelic deanery of michelau, as free sponsor, and by the donations of the savings bank. The parents’ council and the forderverein also support the project, which will be repeated in the coming school year if possible.
It was a worthy hour of celebration, which the schoolchildren honored with their festive attire. Principal alexandra kober wished the dismissed students courage, hope, perseverance, willingness to work hard and confidence in their own abilities. It is no less important to find the right paths and always have a clear goal in mind.
"Those who want to avoid something look for reasons, those who want to achieve something look for ways", was the message that the director of the school district norbert hauck gave to the dismissing students. Burgermeister helmut fischer (CSU) turned his attention to the acquired degree. "You could be proud of what you have achieved", he congratulated on behalf of the community. The company will continue to support its local school in the future. The proud sum of 6.6 million euros is to be invested in the general renovation of the building.
"We are a very special class, we rocked the school year together", the spokeswomen of the dismissal school students announced. They were happy to reminisce, accompanied by pictures, about joint undertakings and special events. Their thanks went to all the teachers involved. In recognition, they each presented a sunflower to the school principal alexandra kober, the teachers christa witzgall, martina faber, angelika bittermann, kathrin sunkel, tina schardt and angelika weib. Not forgotten were also the secretary birgitt bohm and the janitor michael prehmus.
The highlight was the presentation of the certificates. Additionally, there was a folder of the district for every single ecn-schooler. A special honor was bestowed on the best male and female graduates. Jaqueline krappmann and alexander eckhardt received a special award from the principal for their outstanding performance.

Vdk local association of weismain honors long-serving members

The advent celebration of the vdk local association suffered from the fact that many members, especially those to be honored, were on sick leave or even in hospitals. It was nice to end the year of the local association, which was marked by many activities, with a joint advent afternoon, said chairman manfred hartl. It shows the bond between the members and the social association. Its goal, he says, is to make life a little more livable for local people as well.

Already 365 members

In his review, hartl explained that the weismain vdk had 365 members. The trend is upward. With the numerous trips and excursions, there was once again a lot to offer. The motto also for the future should be: "close with what was, be happy about what is, and be open for everything that is coming."

The public buildings are flagged in black, white and red, with floral decorations and garlands on the facades. With tschingderassabum a bayreuth music corps marches up in the morning and parades on the market square. Huge on the front page of the rundschau: otto von bismarck in a victory wreath. Among them a ten-verse poem by hans glenk, the melkendorf pastor and poet. Sample: "dab wir der sonne entgegen kuhn tragen unser panier. Thanks and blessings to you, hero chancellor, you! And may the towers crumble, dedicated to your name, the german sounds resound/you remain blessed."

There is no shortage of gayness, national pathos and hymns of praise in kulmbach to pay homage to bismarck on his hundredth birthday. But probably few burgers are in the mood for champagne. Nine months after the outbreak of the first world war, the supply situation worsens by the day, prices gallop, many suffer bitter hardship. 120 kulmbachers have already marched their husbands, sons or grandchildren on the "field of honor" calmly.