Mainleuser carnivalists honor oliver tissot

Mainleuser carnivalists honor oliver tissot

The medal will be awarded for the ninth time in the coming carnival season. Whether volker heibmann, michl muller or, most recently, peter kuhn – many of the award winners in the burgkunstadt town hall are familiar from the "fastnacht in franken" television carnival. Oliver tissot is no exception to the rule. Last year and this year, the comodian waded right through everyday politics there.

Whether horst seehofer, christian wulff or philipp rosler – each of them got a verbal slap in the face that was worth it. "Oliver tissot is an eloquent entertainer, a congenial cabaret artist, a quick-witted standup comedian and a sophisticated court jester who knows how to juggle words.", describes society president wolfgang hartmann the new prize winner.

Founded in kulmbach

the proclamation takes place this year already on saturday, 3. November, at 19.46 a.M. – relatively early, since the MCC will be held on 11. November was invited to the rathaussturm in berlin. But who steps into the fubstapfen of michael II. And sabine II. (munch), the currently still reigning prince and princess of the burgkunstadt and mainleuser fools? Hartmann is keeping a low profile, but he will say this: "we didn’t get any good results either in burgkunstadt or in mainleus. In kulmbach, however, already."

The proclamation promises to be another colorful, entertaining and funny evening. The active members of the MCC contribute their share, especially the "besolds" ausweismain and edwin jungkunz from baiersdorf, better known as "baaschdorfer". Delegations from other carnival societies also enrich the program. Announced are the carnival society hirschaid with society president and second mayor ramona gen sel at the top, the active members of schwarz-weib bayreuth and the brucker gabhenker with their furious show dance group "die almdudler". Honors for deserving members also on the agenda.

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