Kv lohengrin: the neighbor comes to the bavarian league premiere

Kv lohengrin: the neighbor comes to the bavarian league premiere

The new season of sport bowling starts this weekend. After the withdrawal of SKC kasendorf from the game (we reported), the men of KV lohengrin kulmbach are as bavarian league promoted the highest class team from the region of kulmbach. SKC metzdorf, which was still in the bavarian league ten years ago, has also withdrawn its first team and is now competing with a mixed team in the district class A.

Bavarian league men

After the breakthrough of KV lohengrin kulmbach into the bavarian league, the derby against baur-SV burgkunstadt will take place on sunday at 2 p.M. In kulmbach. The team from schuhstadt has been established in the bavarian league for many years and has good chances to reach a top position.

In contrast, the only thing that pays off for the lohengriners is to stay in the league. The kulmbach remain true to their line after the promotion and rely on hopeful young bowlers. Consequently, florian landel was called up to the bayernliga team. The team also includes the U23 players alexander lutz and patrick foerster as well as team leaders stephan wagner and jorg fortsch. The bavarian league team is completed by the experienced players gerald gebhard and matthias meubgeyer. And they have respect for the upcoming tasks. " this is a very strong league", says meubgeyer. Only hirschau is weaker in terms of personnel compared to the previous season.

Favorites are luhe-wildenau, bavaria karlstadt and – meubgeyer’s secret tip – polizei-SV bamberg. The promoted teams from herschfeld and eschlkam have each strengthened themselves with a bundesliga player. In addition, the former bundesliga teams eibach and furth will be the future opponents of the kulmbach team.

"If we can improve once again and make the most of our home strength, the impossible – staying in the league – is possible", says meubgeyer. The strong substitutes of the kulmbach team could also be a trump card. Thus with hubert lauterbach, harald graf, matthias hahn, joachim meyer and thomas weber concentrated routine stands to the verfugung.

Landesliga north men

SKC folschnitz, after a tough fight against relegation to the upper district league, will now start in the northern state league – where they will meet old acquaintances from their regional league days. "This is a very tight league, where anyone can beat anyone and anything can happen", describes SKC team leader andreas haberstumpf the coming season.

Besides kitzingen, which was relegated from the bavarian league, SKV versbach and the young team from eintracht bamberg, which recently became champions in the regional league upper franconia/lower franconia, are considered favorites. For folschnitz, the goal is to stay in the league. This is to succeed above all by the home advantage on the courses which are difficult to play. In addition, folschnitz wants to start the season well so as not to slip into the bottom of the table right away. So for the opener on saturday (13.30 o’clock) in gestungshausen, where still in february a 5:3 away win was achieved.

The folschnitzers build on consistency. Last year’s team of haberstumpf, dominik wilferth, steve paulus, sebastian hohlweg, oliver riediger and bernd kortschack stays together. In addition, former metzdorf bowler ingo wolfgramm joined the team. In addition, experienced and strong substitutes from the second team are available. "If everyone stays injury-free and we show a unified team performance, we have nothing to worry about, SKC sports director bernd kortschack is optimistic.

Bezirksoberliga ladies

Due to the promotion of SKC gallier-condor, three teams from kulmbach are now represented in the upper district league together with KV lohengrin and SKC blau-weib kulmbach. With the relegated teams from gestungshausen and bindlach, there is strong competition from above. Nevertheless, the trio from kulmbach can be expected to play a good role in the new season. It all starts this weekend with the derby between blau-weib and gallier-condor (saturday, 18.30 hrs). The lohengriners receive on sunday (10.30 o’clock) rise bindlach II.

District league men

In the relegation confusion of the preseason, the lohengrin reserve celebrated the preservation of its class as seventh in the table and now forms the kulmbach block in the district league together with gallier-condor, which was relegated from the upper district league. Both teams did without newcomers. On the first day of play, the balls only roll for the "galliers". The team around stefan bansch gives its visiting card on saturday (12 o’clock) at SKC eggolsheim II. The match of KV lohengrin against schutzengilde bayreuth was postponed to 6. October relocated.

Bezirksliga A east men

SKC blau-weib zaubach and ESV neuenmarkt start the season without new members. The ESV will receive on saturday (19.30 o’clock) to kick off the season against SKC eremitenhof bayreuth II. Zaubach hosts SKC 63 naila on saturday (2 p.M.).

District league men

The B north district league has been abolished and a new district league has been created. There start with folschnitz II, SKC franken kulmbach, TSV wirsberg, KV lohengrin III and promoted gallier-condor II five teams from kulmbach. They will be up against the relegated PTSV hof and the highly rated promoted tettau. Mm/dw/rh

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