It wasn’t just “highway to hell” that was a hit in ebermannstadt

It wasn't just 'highway to hell' that was a hit in ebermannstadt

The students of the gymnasium frankische schweiz (GFS) presented a fireworks display of sound that lasted over three hours and was a credit to a music school.
The more than 700 listeners in the school auditorium, including mayor franz josef kraus, were treated to a gentle, upbeat introduction by the lower school choir, which was led by carmen gotz, after the funeral, in which principal erhard herrmann and his deputy peter drescher had divided themselves over the two evenings.

Niklas ott set the tone with a solo on the electric guitar in the piece "nothing else matters," performed by the new lower-grade big band brought to life by florian kager and the schoolchildren interesting accents.
Lena lunz (Q11) also contributed to the success of the concert, who together with florian wrede (Q11) played the role of the "crazy one" friedrich mozart, offspring of the musical genius wolfgang amadeus mozart, and self-penned texts led through the program.

Music by AC/DC
the up-and-coming band "backside in the cast of nina schwarzmayer (1. Guitar, 10b), marvin lunz (2, guitar, Q11), antonio departon (bass, 9b), yanik lehmann (keyboard, 10b), julian gracz (drums, 10d) with the two singers anne-sofie fuchs (Q11) and annika distler (9d) prepared the audience with songs like adeles hit "rolling in the deep" and "dark horses" by switchfoot with a great performance the way for the true music heroes of the gymnasium frankische schweiz: "acoustic feedback. There went with "lego house, "heaven" and "whataya want from me" the post off, before raphael waedt (guitar, Q11) with leo brutting (bass, 10d), andreas hofmann (drums and guitar, Q11) together with the two singers lisa brutting (10d) and sandra hubner (10e) and strengthened by niklas mielenz (drums, 10d) the rock anthem par excellence, the "highway to hell" celebrated.

The program continued with the school orchestra under the baton of florian kager and the "adagio from the clarinet concerto in A major by wolfgang amadeus mozart, with a great solo by daniel schrenker (10b).
The GFS choir with songs like "ubi caritas, "bad day" or also the "come again: sweet love doth now invite" as well as the GFS-bigband with songs like "natalies songs", "fever", "michelle" by john lennon and paul mc cartney or "groovin high" by dizzy gillespie rounded off the summer concert program.

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