Concert in the hofleser church

Concert in the Hofleser church

At the end of the year, the hofles-vogtendorf music society presented a concert entitled "music is our world". With this "community pop of the dutch composer kess vlak was also buried the visitors in the fully occupied church st. Marien in hofles.

The musicians took the audience into the world of opera with melodies from the works of verdi. 200 years ago, when there was neither radio nor television, verdi arranged the wind music titles. The time of the westerns was taken with "moment for morricone from different film music. This was followed by the "glenn miller parade" and the spanish gypsy dance, before they started with the "seeteufel-graf-luckner-march" the first part ended.

Varied program
Praise for the varied program with different music styles came from regional dean thomas teuchgraber, second mayor angela hofmann (CSU) and the district chairman of the north bavarian music association, wolfgang muller. Kathrin stumpf and claudia wellach led through the program, which was accompanied by pictures. With the march "under the star-spangled banner we opened the second part. "Kiss me, hold me, love me", the film music from "three hazel nuts for ash brodel, followed by "you raise me up", "joseph" from the musical "joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat and "memory" from the musical "cats. Another musical highlight was set before the encore with "unchained melody from the "wind band.

The musical director jurgen fischer had rehearsed and performed the pieces excellently with the musicians. Chairman heinrich zeub welcomed the audience and thanked them for the great interest in the annual concert of the music society.

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