Jakob metzger still has to perform in front of an audience and a jury. "I am excited", he confesses shortly before. Jakob attends the ninth grade of the montessori school in forchheim and graduates this year. Learning under pressure does not really exist in montessori pedagogy. Nevertheless, the tension on this special day can be felt among the youths. "That’s normal, too", jakob appeases.

He belongs to those 19 students, the graduating class, who now have their "rough work" – this is the name of the final exam – presented to the public in the auditorium of the herder high school. The schoolchildren had three quarters of a year to complete their projects. The respective topic could be chosen freely by the participants. Jakob weib pretty much everything there is to know about skateboards. So it was almost obvious that the schoolboy made a so-called longboard. "This is the original shape of the skateboard", jakob explains.

Aok takes on nine trainees and five business administrators

Eight trainees and one employee, who prepared herself on the second educational path, completed their examinations as "social insurance clerks" with very good results, according to a press release. The training lasts three years for career starters, two years for employees who are learning the profession alongside their job and two years for high school graduates. "We are very pleased," says AOK director horst keller, "that all the trainees will be offered jobs in the lower franconia region after their exams."During a ceremony, the young men and women received their certificates and officially ended their training period. In addition, five future managers completed the in-service training program to become AOK business economists, also with excellent results. The photo shows (standing v. Li.) mandy schopf (karlstadt), AOK training manager christian berger, adelina seifried (wurzburg), harald keidel (stv. Head of the hospital service center of the AOK in wurzburg), sandra beier (elfershausen), andre drees (kitzingen), annalena klein (geiselwind-haag), maria blattner (grettstadt), felix fay (dettelbach), AOK staff council philipp endrich, AOK sales manager peter scheder, AOK youth representative sabrina lusch and AOK director horst keller and (seated v. Li.) kristina hornung (dettelbach), lena gobel (bergtheim), lisa oesterlein (hettstadt), lea moser (steinfeld-hausen), jasmin heller (waldbrunn) and AOK personnel manager stephan gotz.

Schoolchildren lay out a flower patch

Loss of biodiversity and insect mortality – these are the buzzwords of the day. A large-scale project at the alexandrinum grammar school in cooperation with the state association for the protection of birds (LBV), the ecological-botanical garden of the university of bayreuth (obg) and the city of coburg shows that committed children and young people are also prepared to tackle these environmental problems. Mayor norbert tessmer was briefly convinced of the successful start of this project. Together with alexander ulmer from the LBV, two biology teachers from the alexandrinum, andrea ehrle and andreas reuter, explored the possibilities of converting a total of about 100 square meters of lawns into flower beds at the beginning of march. "The gymnasium alexandrinum has rough ground that offers excellent conditions to establish patches of flower as a food base for many species of insects. Such an action will be supported by the LBV – we will cover the costs for the seeds", said ulmer after the tour of the school grounds.

Ehrle is the leader of the school garden group, reuter will lead a P-seminar on the topic of sustainability in the coming school year, the medium-term goal of which is to establish an environmental group at the alexandrinum. "The ground preparation was greatly supported by the coburg city land office", andrea ehrle is pleased, and andreas reuter adds: "in one morning, the employees had turfed about 100 square meters of lawn." a total of four plots were prepared: three for the sowing of various native wildflower mixtures and one slope plot for the planting of perennials as bee pasture. The alexandrinum also receives support from the obg, which provided the school with the required number of seedlings of the cup plant (silphium perfoliatum) free of charge. One afternoon in april, the fifth and sixth graders from the school garden group met with the three school representatives, who immediately agreed to support the project. "This fits in perfectly with our project day on the topic of sustainability planned for the summer!", said school spokeswoman fritzi herrmann enthusiastically. Supported by the teachers and the janitor jurgen voigt, the schoolchildren first cleared the lawns with rakes and hoes, then distributed the seeds and finally pressed them into place with a lawn roller. C. Nowak

Light drizzle and autumnal temperatures could not stop: the rotary e-club of D-1950, the rc bamberg-schloss geyersworth as well as the bamberg rotaractors supported in a joint hands-on action the nature-pedagogical school garden in the elementary school bamberg-bug/wiesenhort by planting a herb snail and two raised beds. Second mayor of christian lange and the city councilor anna rudel have convinced themselves on the spot of the helpers’ energy and have promised their further support.

After only three hours, matthias gensner, the managing director of the association for innovative social work e.V. As the sponsor of the after-school care center, and principal norbert eger the project nature educational school garden will be officially handed over.

Award for the riding club

An unusual award was presented to the schwanberg riding club from groblangheim. In the nationwide competition "our tournament should be better 2013", the riding club was among the top three. This was reported by mathias pfriem, chairman of the riding club, at the annual general meeting.

The competition judged not only the innovative event concept, the recruitment of helpers, the public relations work and the sponsoring, but also the supporting program, the club announced in a letter to the press. Mathias pfriem accepted the prize with a small delegation at the international horse show "lowen classics" in braunschweig.

Daniel gotz sprinted in 17:21 minutes from thann up to the hohn sports field

The running department of the SV bergdorf-hohn organized the 16. Honda mountain race from. Sunshine and hardly any wind – this makes running fun, despite the strain of the partly difficult and steep sections on the way up to the hohner sports field.

The high point of this mountain race was the 4.5 kilometer race for men, women and both youth classes. Started in thann. Daniel gotz from SV bergdorf-hohn showed an amazing performance after a long injury break. Without being fully challenged, he won in 17:21 minutes, clearly ahead of his club mate dominik mages, who won his M35 race in 18:55 minutes with a large lead.