Four counties and one resolution against power lines

The planned p44/p44mod alternating current lines. Continued to stumble on rough resistance. During a meeting with thomas bareib, parliamentary secretary of state in the federal ministry of economics, a delegation from the counties of coburg, schweinfurt, bad kissingen and habberge once again made clear their opposition to these power lines. This is stated in a press release issued by all participants.
At the meeting in berlin, besides the members of the federal parliament hans michelbach (coburg/kronach) and anja weisgerber (schweinfurt), the representatives of the counties, cities and municipalities were deputy district administrator christian gunsenheimer, deputy chairman of the coburg municipal association tobias ehrlicher, deputy district administrator christine bender (schweinfurt), district administrator wilhelm schneider (habberge), mayor ulrich werner (bergrheinfeld) and head of department thomas schoenwald (district office bad kissingen). At the meeting at the federal ministry of economics, gunsenheimer, ehrlicher and michelbach made it clear to the new secretary of state for energy issues that the coburg demands are clear in content, and that the people in the region are more than willing to protest further.
While michelbach pointed out the insanity of rising electricity prices due to grid expansion, especially at the expense of the coburg economy, gunsenheimer and ehrlicher once again referred to the high burden on the coburg region caused by the transportation projects of german unification and the "thuringer strombrucke" already built and the missing economic and scientifically provable basis for the power line P44/p44mod. Questions could not be answered by the federal network agency, mostly with the indication that the federal government’s political guidelines do not allow it. The delegation rejected a transfer station within upper franconia, as this would lead to a division within the region. That is why they will also participate in the meeting with the delegation from kronach at the beginning of september.
It became exciting when the secretary of state of the ministry of economics came to talk about the alternative: "for sure one or the other route will be omitted when the expansion of wind power in the south of germany will pick up speed. But with bavaria’s so-called 10-H regulation, this burden was placed solely on baden-wurttemberg – so the bavarians have to get moving."
At the end, bareib agreed to visit the region of coburg to see for himself the situation of the rough burden presented by the infrastructure projects. The delegation was happy to invite him.

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Local thoroughfare remains dense for a long time

It will take another three weeks before vehicles are officially allowed to roll through rudenhausen again," he added. At the meeting of the municipal council, mayor gerhard ackermann announced that the tram construction office will continue to enforce the ban on vehicles passing through rudenhausen until friday, 25. September has demanded.

The entire thoroughfare has already been closed for several months because the water pipes are being renewed in many places in the town. The rehabilitation of around 2.7 kilometers of pipeline network, as well as 170 house connections, has been completed with the exception of some remaining work. The costs were calculated in advance at 2.2 million euros.

There is no winner between sand and hofheim

The table tennis men of TTC sand and SV hofheim share the points in the district league. FC knetzgau does not win either.

The second team from ebern won a close match in the top game of the district class.

Orange draws attention

It’s getting to be evening in steinweg; the dark winter clothing of the passers-by blurs with the damming. One group stands out: five women, one man – and all wearing something bright orange. They unpack a folding rule in front of a store window, a spirit level and a sticker the size of a billboard. It is transparent-orange. "Stop violence against women", it says.

The action makes on the "orange day" attention: the international day against violence against women takes place every year on the 25. November instead of. Under the motto "orange the world – stand up for women" human rights organizations worldwide join the campaign. "Every third woman in germany has been affected by violence at least once in her life", says elisabeth westhauser, deputy women’s representative of coburg university. "We are a meeting and learning place, we educate young people so that they can courageously and together shape the future. It is also our duty to draw attention to such grievances."

Markus blenk (LG bamberg) crossed the finish line in 46:33.1 minutes after twelve and a half kilometers, just a blink of an eye ahead of uwe bauerlein (TSV staffelstein / 46:33.2). Under the leadership of second chairman dominik prager and organizer adele ludewig, the sports friends had prepared everything well, and the weather also played along perfectly. The pleasant temperatures were perfect for the long-distance players. The mass start with 145 participants and different running disciplines was impressive – only the starting shot was a little bit too slow. But the runners did not mind much, and soon the favorites took the lead after leaving the sports ground. The route led through the village and over field and land consolidation paths into the autumnal forest and around the ruin and the forest area "raueneck.

Demanding course

mother and daughter drebel dominate the competition

Ebern – again bianca and anna-maria drebel from DC gipsy ebern returned quite successful from the dart district ranking tournament in bad windsheim. They won together in the doubles, bianca drebel won the singles competition.
In the men’s category, lars kunzelmann and rainer drebel represented the ebern colors. On their debut, they finished first in the preliminary round, but were eliminated in the eighth finals against strong opponents. The tournament was far more successful for bianca and daughter anna-maria drebel in the women’s competition. Although they only came second in their group, they showed their strong form in the semifinals and the finals.
One day later, the individual competitions took place, with stefan mader, lars kunzelmann and rainer drebel in the men’s category and bianca and anna-maria drebel in the women’s category. After two wins and two losses, kunzelmann came 17th, as did mader, who was eliminated by youth player simon wibmuller from schwabach, who recently won the ebern tournament.
Both ebern ladies reached the semifinals and met each other there. Anna-maria missed her chances to win in the first two sets, after that bianca drebel used her experience to her advantage. Afterwards she did not give her opponent a chance in the final and won 2:0 and 2:0.

This was said by dietrich schmitt, managing director of IT service provider unisys deutschland, at the presentation of a new study by the company. Only 23 percent of those surveyed agreed that germany should forego its own data protection laws in favor of EU-wide regulations.

Of those surveyed, 81 percent favored making it a legal requirement for companies and organizations to protect personal data to the best of their ability. 69 percent of those surveyed demanded that data security measures be certified by an independent auditing company.

Stelzner is the new king

The guardianship association hubertus prolsdorf celebrated its
king’s proclamation at the newly renovated guardian’s house. The second guardian sandra raab performed the dethronement of the previous majesties. Subsequently, mayor matthias bauerlein proclaimed the new guardian angels. New guardian king became thomas stelzner with a 222-divider, and vice king sascha thurstein with a 522-divider.
Once again sieglinde kundmuller became the new guardian queen with 360 points and rosemarie rub became vice queen with 447 points. For the third time in a row moritz raab became youth king, his shot was a 513-divider. Thus he was also crowned youth emperor. Anna thurstein became vice youth queen with a 757-piece score.
Raab then announced the winners of the honorary target push and the winners of the trophy push. The best shot on the honorary target was achieved by friedwald stretz in the men’s competition with a 58-piece score. In the women’s division, the best results were an 84-pointer by elisabeth hartmann and a 79-pointer by moritz raab in the youth division.
The winners of the trophy push were determined from a combination of several shots. In the men’s competition sascha thurstein was cup winner, followed by thomas stelzner on the second place and thomas wimmer on rank 3.
Cup winner in the women’s category was kathrin kugel, second sabrina wimmer and third sieglinde kundmuller. Youth cup winner was moritz raab, second lena raab and third anna thurstein.

Benjamin vetter succeeds in the next strike at sv langenau

The top player and long-time series club champion of SV langenau, benjamin vetter, has once again secured the club crown at this year's title competitions. A total of 16 active table tennis players competed in the langenau gymnasium to determine the best of their club in singles and doubles competitions. There were more than eight hours of partly high-class table tennis to watch, before the winners were determined.

In the doubles, a betting procedure ensured balanced pairings and a lot of suspense. With sven krautwurst and tobias muller, two players who no longer play actively for SV langenau, won here somewhat surprisingly.

Landestheater coburg invited to the bavarian theater days

The stage version of odon von horvath’s novel, directed by maike bouschen, celebrated its successful premiere in coburg in early december. The coburg production is one of a total of 25 productions that will be staged at the 37th coburg state theater. Was invited to participate in the first edition of the bavarian theater days at the landestheater schwaben in memmingen.

This year, for the first time, the 20. To 31. May theatrical days curated by. In an intensive review process, the six-person curatorial team made a selection from 93 applications received. The invited productions will be presented in five thematic series. "Youth without god" from the landestheater coburg runs in the series "classics for today.