Benjamin vetter succeeds in the next strike at sv langenau

Benjamin vetter succeeds in the next strike at sv langenau

The top player and long-time series club champion of SV langenau, benjamin vetter, has once again secured the club crown at this year's title competitions. A total of 16 active table tennis players competed in the langenau gymnasium to determine the best of their club in singles and doubles competitions. There were more than eight hours of partly high-class table tennis to watch, before the winners were determined.

In the doubles, a betting procedure ensured balanced pairings and a lot of suspense. With sven krautwurst and tobias muller, two players who no longer play actively for SV langenau, won here somewhat surprisingly.

The second place also demands attention, as melanie loffler, the only woman in the competition, made it onto the podium together with her partner benedikt barnickel. Third place went to jurgen trebes and benedikt queck.

In the individual competition, which was held in preliminary, intermediate and final rounds, benjamin vetter left his mark on the event. He was the only player to remain undefeated and was thus able to enjoy the next title in his collection.

Vice department head hammerschmidt had broken vetter's winning streak the year before. This time he had to be satisfied with second place, which he won with just one set ahead of the strong benedikt barnickel. Behind them, jurgen trebes, sven krautwurst, michael rub and head of department alexander klemm. 

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