Altenkunstadter julius gartner repeats last year’s victory in wiesen

Altenkunstadter julius gartner repeats last year's victory in wiesen

The second race of the season of the RVC stetten with start and finish in wiesen has decided julius gartner after a sovereign performance for itself. Gartner had already won the race over the mountainous course through the banzgau region from wiesen via doringstadt, draisdorf, herreth, unnersdorf and nedensdorf back to wiesen in the previous two years.

The route had only a few flat sections and was quite demanding due to its many climbs. Only on the longer descent to unnersdorf could save forces.

High speed from the beginning

right at the beginning a high speed was set, so that shortly after doringstadt a leading group of eight riders formed, which melted down to five riders in the second lap.

Towards the end of the third lap, julius gartner, who is now a member of the ratisbona regensburg cycling team and has already won the men’s class, had the most energy reserves and crossed the finish line after 63 kilometers with a seven-second lead in a time of 1:43:51 hours, ahead of pascal hohn of the iq cycling team.

The fight for the third place was decided by leonard gartner from RVC altenkunstadt, followed by christian grundel from staffelstein and oliver krejci (team huah).
As the best rider of the organizing RVC stetten, the club champion christian brozicek placed seventh.

The first ten

1. Julius gartner (veloclub ratisbona regensburg), 2. Pascal hohn (iq cycling team), 3. Leonard gartner (RVC altenkunstadt), 4. Christian grundel (TSV staffelstein), 5. Oliver krejci (team huah ebersdorf), 6. Andreas nagel (team huah), 7. Christian brozicek (RVC stetten), 8. Tim petzold (radteam herrmann), 9. Friedrich schedel (RVC stetten), 10. Christoph winter (RSC falke neustadt)

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