Wiesenbronn winegrowers’ association continues with a retained team

wiesenbronn winegrowers' association continues with a retained team

2017 held many surprises in store for the winegrowers, some of which the re-elected chairman of the wiesenbronn winegrowers’ association, mario hofmann, was happy to do without. Nevertheless: the past year was the most successful economically. The wine festival set records and the association enjoys a committed board of directors.

In his review at the annual meeting of the wiesenbronn winegrowers’ association, mario hofmann talked about the work in the vineyard during the year, especially about the climate. In particular, he presented the precipitation situation in franconia back to the year 2000. "The late summers are getting wetter," he summarized.

Alternatives to the pest control

Other topics were the pests in the vineyard, although it was difficult to identify the true pest. The use of herbicides was the subject of an anonymous letter to the winegrowers’ association, but the pictures of sprayed-off strips supplied showed the vineyard of a neighboring community.

Nevertheless, this is an issue and one must quickly think about alternatives, because "the consumer is sensitive in this area". Perhaps it would be possible to do without glyphosate in the area of the winegrowers’ association, hofmann suggested for consideration.

Wine festival is a success

The wine festival took up a lot of space. "The measures to modernize the wine festival are drawing in", hofmann was pleased to say, mentioning the music in the square, new music groups, the change of the wine stands and the arrangement of the wine stands or the changed food offer. Hofmann demonstrated the company’s greatest economic success to date with sales and profit figures. "People are coming to us again," hofmann was pleased, who sees the wine festival on the right track. The company wants to continue on this path.

Honorary chairman gerhard roth had a very easy time with the new elections, all votes were unanimous. Chairman remains mario hofmann. His deputy is reinhard frohlich, secretary ralf buhmann-eberhardt. Since the foundation 40 years ago, roland schmalz was treasurer.

He was pleased to be able to hand over his office to claudia djuren. Assessors are doris paul, andreas reinhard, nicole roth, roland schmalz, karl ackermann and markus wilhelm. Heiner ackermann and rudolf ackermann are in charge of the treasury.

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