Wheel-less in forchheim

Three bicycle thefts have been recorded by the forchheim police in the past few days. In the period from friday, 16.30 o’clock until saturday, 9.30 o’clock a female children’s mountain bike of the brand winora/streethammer, parked at the train station in kersbach, was stolen by an unknown perpetrator. Only the locked front tire was found on site. The theft damage amounts to about 360 euros.

A mountain bike that was stolen in the period from sunday, 8 p.M. To monday ,6.30 o’clock at the sidewalk of a present in the kantstrabe was also the prey of an unknown thief. It is a bicycle of the brand dynamics/pro, silver/black with worn handlebar grips and rusty saddle, handlebars and chain. The mountain bike still had a value of about 200 euros.

A ladies’ city bike, brand prophete, silver-colored, with a packing basket on the handlebars and on the rear packing carrier, was also stolen from torstrabe between 3 p.M. On thursday and 10 a.M. On monday. This was in the courtyard room of a residential property and was chained with combination lock to another bicycle. The perpetrator also took the combination lock. The value of the bike amounts to about 110 euros. The police in forchheim will be pleased to receive any information that may lead to the identification of the thief.

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