Vdk local association of weismain honors long-serving members

Vdk local association of weismain honors long-serving members

The advent celebration of the vdk local association suffered from the fact that many members, especially those to be honored, were on sick leave or even in hospitals. It was nice to end the year of the local association, which was marked by many activities, with a joint advent afternoon, said chairman manfred hartl. It shows the bond between the members and the social association. Its goal, he says, is to make life a little more livable for local people as well.

Already 365 members

In his review, hartl explained that the weismain vdk had 365 members. The trend is upward. With the numerous trips and excursions, there was once again a lot to offer. The motto also for the future should be: "close with what was, be happy about what is, and be open for everything that is coming."

Second mayor hans schott praised the commitment of the vdk. Members and board formed a great unit with their work in weismain.

"Where has the joy of christmas gone??", asked district chairman heinz wittmann in his poem. He had also identified the reasons for a steadily growing vdk family: people were worried about sociopolitical developments. This is particularly evident in pension issues, he says. No one can live on a pension of 700 euros any more. "Social climate save" heibe therefore the slogan, with which on 28. A demonstration with a rally will take place in the city center of munich on march 2020. All members are called upon to take to the streets for more social justice. With regard to christmas, she says, it is important to visit and talk to old or sick people. "Donating time is often more important than donating money or goods", said wittmann.

Contemplative and thought-provoking poems and stories rounded off the afternoon.

The honors

The following members were honored for their many years of loyalty to the vdk local association: for ten years hannelore bittermann, bernhard will, werner lutter, karl-heinz zapf, werner kraus and erwin herold; for 20 years horst horn, adelgunde hopfenmuller, alexandra kraus, hans herbst, anton dinkel, georg and gertrud berthold, georg duck, josef krappmann, josef tiefenbrunner, kunigunda duck, kunigunde schnapp, maria dietz and reinhold beier; for 25 years alexandra feil, andreas reh, dieter herold, georg dietz, josef nusslein, karl-heinz gartner, monika eitzenberger and georg lieb and for 30 years josef linz, hubert herold and johann bienlein. Rdi

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