Vacancies and shortages

Vacancies and shortages

The deanery synod of the coburg evangelical lutheran deanery district has begun its work. In a service in the heiligkreuzkirche, the 84 representatives of the 51 church congregations were commissioned and blessed for their service by deans stefan kirchberger and andreas kleefeld. The deanery synod is the church parliament that governs the deanery district. The new deanery synod also includes mayors martin finzel, marco steiner, thomas nowak, martin stingl and jochen hassel.

Ortrun stenglein-groschel (coburg st.) were elected to the prasidium of the deanery synod. Moriz) and markus wecker (coburg heiligkreuz) elected. The deanery committee leads the deanery district between the three sessions of the deanery synod. The members are: dean stefan kirchberger, dean andreas kleefeld, the two representatives of the deanery synod, pastor rolf robteuscher (senior of the deanery chapter), pastor dirk acksteiner (sonnefeld), regina corfei (watzendorf), pastor rolf gorny (ahorn), petra heeb (coburg st.), pastor rolf gorny (ahorn), and pastor rolf gorny (ahorn). Lukas), anja keyser (youth education center neukirchen), noah meibner (meeder), thomas nowak (coburg johanneskirche), pastor heidi reith (weidhausen), pastor alexander rosenmeyer (creidlitz), heidi schulke (coburg st. Lukas), martin stingl (neustadt bei coburg), alexander thomas (coburg st. Matthaus) and andreas waltz (dorfles-esbach).

The deans familiarized the synod members with the tasks that will have to be accomplished in the next six years: in december, the state synod will be elected. At the turn of the year, the youth education center in neukirchen is to become the responsibility of the regional church. A support association for the protestant day care centers for children in the deanery is currently being established. Next year, the new state church job plan will be adopted. Shortages are expected in the theological positions in the deanery district. The many vacancies in the church congregations must be dealt with. Cooperation between church congregations in the various regions needs to be developed. Further work is needed on the real estate concept of the church congregations and the deanery district

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