There is no winner between sand and hofheim

There is no winner between sand and hofheim

The table tennis men of TTC sand and SV hofheim share the points in the district league. FC knetzgau does not win either.

The second team from ebern won a close match in the top game of the district class.

Bezirksklasse A group 1 coburg

TV ebern II –

TSV unterlauter II 9:7

The top match was decided by the ebern team by a narrow margin. Only at the score of 7:7, the gymnasts decisively broke away. – points for ebern: rafael vidal (2), enzo fernandes (2), bernhard suppel, marcus schneider, andreas kawan, vidal/fernandes, fernandes/vidal.

Bezirksklasse D 3 (4er) coburg

TV ebern III –

TSV unterlauter IV 9:6

The encounter was close until the last two singles, only then did the gymnasts close the bag. – points for ebern: andreas bittruf (2), karl vollert (2), michel berwind, rudiger kubernus, siegfried thomann, bittruf/kubernus, vollert/berwind.

Bezirksliga group 2 sudost

TTC sand – TV hofheim 8:8 there were many exciting and close games in the encounter between sand and hofheim, which ended with a fair division of points. – points for sand: andreas wittig/harald steif (2), wittig, steif, rainer schorr, claus wolf (2), andreas krieger. – hofheim: jonas schmitt/chrisian kneuer, holger schneider/michael gotz, erhard scholpp, andreas walter, schmitt (2), kneuer, gotz.

SV kleinmunster –

FC knetzgau 8:8

The outcome of the game was wide open for a long time. Kleinmunster had the rough lead with 5:3, but did not bring it to the finish line. – points for knetzgau: michael troll/anton magdalener, troll (2), magdalener, thomas fichtner, wolfgang huttner, stefan offner, ulrich schnos.

Bezirksklasse A group 4 sudost

TV habfurt II –

DJK happertshausen II 7:9

In the basement duel, habfurt was already leading 5:2 and 7:5 before the bravely fighting gaste turned the deficit into a victory. – points for habfurt II: fabio kraut/jurgen grutke, heiko pakendorf/ martin olbort, siegbert veith (2), kraut (2), grutke.

District class B group 4 sudost

TV konigsberg –

DJK durrfeld 9:6

Konigsberg caused a small surprise with the victory against durrfeld. – points for konigsberg: frank schwinn/ hubert helmerich, theo lutsch/thomas muller, andreas muller (2), helmerich, lutsch (2), thomas muller, jurgen hau.

Bezirksklasse C group 3 (4s)

SV gemeinfeld –

TTC sand II 6:8

In the top match, sand won 30:22 against its rival gemeinfeld and took over the lead in the table. – points for gemeinfeld: oliver schuhmann/jonathan schneider, johannes rutzel/frank hassfurter, schuhmann (2), hassfurter, schneider. – sand II: andreas schneider (2), andreas graser (3), mario ganter (3).

District league D 6 sudost (4er)

DJK uchtelhausen II –

FC knetzgau III 1:9

Knetzgau finished the preliminary round with a clean sweep in uchtelhausen. – points for knetzgau III: michael dingler/torsten haas, reimund kneuer/jessie muhlbauer, dingler (2), haas (2), kneuer (2), muhlbauer.

Bezirksklasse B 3 SO boys 18

TTC sand II –

TTC kerbfeld 9:1

Sand II came against the penultimate TTC kerbfeld to a restless success. – points for sand II: luca helbig/elias bleymann, helbig (3), bleymann (2), bastian hetterich (2), lukas deschner.

Spvgg untertheres –

TTC fuchsstadt 5:5

Untertheres won against the second in the table fuchsstadt thanks to a fighting performance. – points for untertheres: jonas meibner (2), elias klement, marco pfeffer, paul schottroff. Jb/di

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