The redachtal initiative now also has a dual chairmanship

The redachtal initiative now also has a dual chairmanship

The rodachtal initiative will be led by a dual leadership in the future. On the occasion of the members’ meeting, an election of the board of directors also took place in the business premises in ummerstadt. Maple’s mayor martin finzel was confirmed as chairman, according to a press release. Ummerstadt’s mayor christine bardin moves up from her previous role of deputy to the post of chairwoman. The mayor of the municipality of itzgrund, werner thomas, is relinquishing his position as the previous deputy chairman, as he will not be running for mayor in the 2020 election.

In the future, mayors helmut dietz, untermerzbach, and christopher other, heldburg, will serve as deputy mayors.

According to martin finzel, the establishment of the dual leadership is due to the significantly expanded area with a population of now around 50,000 inhabitants. With the accession of the cities of eisfeld and hildburghausen, thuringia has gained a greater weight in the two-country alliance. According to martin finzel, this should also be reflected on the board of management. In addition, a chairman from thuringia facilitated the direct contact of the rodachtal initiative with the local authorities there. The dual leadership was also intended to create continuity in the executive board, since the different legislative periods mean that changes in the mayor’s office are latent.

The thuringian-bavarian alliance of municipalities sees itself well positioned for the challenges of the future with the new board constellation. During the meeting, the members bid farewell to heldburg’s former mayor katja kieslich as a member of the board of the rodachtal initiative and thanked her for her work. Afterwards, a meeting of the advisory board was held with all the relevant authorities from thuringia and bavaria to review this year’s and planned projects

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