Sg kunstadt/weidhausen asks top team to dance

Sg kunstadt/weidhausen asks top team to dance

After two home wins against SV obertraubling and TS herzogenaurach II, who were second in the table at the time, the SG kunstadt/weidhausen once again wants to live up to its reputation as the favorites in the women’s regional league north. However, the tough task awaits against top-ranked ESV regensburg II.

Four games without defeat

But with the confidence of four games in a row without defeat and the home advantage in the back, the team of coach christine gahn is on sunday (14.30 o’clock, michelau mainfeldhalle) not without a chance against the title favorite.

Four weeks ago, it was unthinkable that the SG would play the upper palatinate team with such ambitions. But in the meantime, the promoted team has made up for its weak start to the season (four defeats) and has become a competitive team in the national league. Especially the 28:28 win in marktsteft after an almost hopeless deficit the week before showed how much quality and morale the SG team has.

Only one defeat

However, regensburg’s third league reserve is probably difficult to crack. For many years, the ESV has placed great value on consistent youth work. The reward: not only the reserve team in the national league, but also the third league team leads the table. Against this background, it will also be important on sunday whether coach jan kauer’s team in michelau will be equipped with players from the "first" team will run. Franziska peter, for example, strengthened the "second" team in the 36:14 win over HSG pleichach and contributed ten goals. But ESV regensburg II’s regular lineup is also a top team deserves. After the completely unsuccessful start to the season in marktsteft (19:33), the women from regensburg have not lost a game since then.

So the landesliga-newcomer kunstadt/weidhausen can tackle the task on sunday without pressure. The gahn squad wants to continue its trend of excellence with a convincing performance. A good mixture of a united defensive performance and fast switching play should bring a surprise against the regensburgerinnen. It could be an advantage for the SG that the ball did not "resinate" in michelau may.

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