Rock classic at its best

Rock classic at its best

Christiane reuther the mood on friday evening in the rathaushalle in habfurt was lively and exuberant. The cultural office habfurt had invited to a "u-30 classic rocknight" invited. Numerous fans of classic rock music were thrilled by the sound of the band "purple heart" grooving to the rhythm on the dance floor.

Sophisticated perfection in sound, garnished with a show that drives the audience wild, are the hallmark of the classic rock formation "purple heart". The six band members around the two singers and musicians heiko grabmeier and lara grabmeier rocked the stage and brought the rathaushalle to the boil with the best classic rock songs of the 70s and 80s – as promised in the beginning.

Original sound

The musicians of "purple heart made a special dream come true. They play songs live from the time they grew up with. With the original hammond-organ sound, the fender and gibson guitars and five harmonious choruses, "purple heart" celebrated a new era in rock music the bands from past rock times like boston, foreigner, uriah heep, deep purple or even queen.

Many youth memories were revived by the visitors at the sound of the rocking sound. A grandiose joe cocker interpretation by band member tino kress provided a special highlight at the concert in habfurt. Many guests will remember the band from their performance at last year’s strabenfest on the town hall square in habfurt. The friends of the classic rock music could already look forward to the 7. February 2020: then three band members of "purple heart" will be in action with the group "dreyklang und friends" to be heard in the town hall in habfurt. Under the motto "best of musicals unplugged" the groups perform.

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