Rates approved fire protection for old school

rates approved fire protection for old school

Herget offered further components for fire protection. The renovation of the toilet facilities and two new entrance gates to the building came to 28,000 euros. He calculated another 23,000 euros for a new water and sewage system and 7,000 euros for the renewal of the electrical system.
During the meeting in the town hall, councillor alfons hausmann (CSU) said that building a clubhouse next to the schwedenberghalle would be the more favorable solution. Gunter zink (SPD-G) spoke out in favor of fire protection, new toilet facilities and electrical installation in the old school. "The cellar rooms could be additionally prepared and converted into a youth center", he added.

Talking to associations
elmar zier (burgerliste machtilshausen) spoke only for the fire protection. "We have two other school buildings in machtilshausen and langendorf that need to be renovated.", he recalled. Volker partsch (neue liste markt elfershausen) warned that "we are opening a big barrel with the renewal of the electrical system". Karl-heinz kickuth (SPD-G ) sees the sewage plant as a particular shortcoming. He recommended to find out which club will use which space before starting the macquisition.
Singing club, music club, scouts and carnival club have their domicile in the school built in 1908. The room of the disbanded kolping family is still available for use.
Planner herget is skeptical about the use of basement space for a youth center. "That will be difficult, there is no air conditioning system here", he explained. Mayor ludwig neeb (CSU) and his deputy, jurgen englert (SPD-G), argued that fire protection, which is essential in any case, should be the first priority for approval.
The clubs that have their headquarters in the old school should be invited to a talk, agreed the council. The installation of fire protection and the application for change of use was approved.
At its most recent meeting, the municipal council approved the 2013 budget. Bernhard buttner (CSU) criticized the "high level of debt". Mayor ludwig neeb (CSU) attributes this mainly to the reconstruction of the johannes-petri-school. He also believes that the credit of one million euros granted will not be called up. Investment program, articles of incorporation and staffing plan for 2013 approved by majority vote.

Against mobile home parking
the council is not happy with the assessment of the mobile home site in langendorf, which it favors, by the lower nature conservation authority. Its leader doris hupfer rejected the project for reasons of flood protection and proximity to residential development. Council member alfons hausmann (CSU) asked for a site meeting with the community.
The roof of the church is severely damaged on the sacristy side. A new batten, new tiles and a gutter are needed. For this, the church administration submitted a cost estimate to the municipality, which amounts to 27,000 euros. The council unanimously agreed to pay half of the costs.
For the building application of andreas mutzel, who plans a house with garages in machtilshausen, and the preliminary building application of roland koch for the construction of a house in the von-erthal-strabe, the community council agreed to the necessary exemptions.

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