Premiere for the home residents

premiere for the home residents

24 residents of the himmelkroner homes aged between 19 and 54 successfully passed the examination for the german sports badge at the federal police station in bayreuth. Not without reason: since 2014, the sports badge tour has been increasingly dedicated to a topic that is currently being discussed a lot outside of sports as well: inclusion.

The concept describes a society in which every human being is accepted and can participate equally and in a self-determined way – regardless of gender, age or origin, of religious affiliation or education, of any disabilities or other individual characteristics. The open help of the services for people with disabilities have been practicing this for years in himmelkron. Alexandra schuberth therefore took the opportunity during the presentation of the sports badges to thank the federal police on behalf of the diakonie neuendettelau, without whom the sports competition would not have come about.

Everyone was beaming when they presented themselves in their neat t-shirts at the all-weather square and received the award. When it comes to sports, benny hauck is always there: "it was very important to me, because it’s my first sports badge. I liked the 100 meters and the 1500-meter run the best." the medicine ball long throw didn’t quite work out, but the likeable 28-year-old scored points again with his speed on the course.

Commitment in free time

coach thomas muller works for the federal police and in his spare time volunteers as a table tennis instructor for the residents of the himmelkroner homes. He also holds courses for adult education. Recently, together with jurgen gotz from the heimen, he successfully introduced the female athletes to a triathlon.

Katharina streit (20) and tanja renner (34) are the winners of the gold sport badge. "I was good at throwing, and I also liked the running competitions. I’m a little proud that i made it to gold right off the bat."

Moderator sandra muller stated: "the german sports badge is an award of the german olympic sports federation and thus an honorary award of the federal republic of germany with the character of a decoration. It is the highest award that has been given outside of competitive sports for the last hundred years. You could be proud of that, not everyone can do that."

Four disciplines were completed by the federal police: strength, speed, endurance and coordination. "The day was very enjoyable. My colleagues from the federal police were very surprised at the athletic performance that can be achieved here", coach thomas muller says enthusiastically.

Participants were cindy allrich, stephanie scheler, andreas eschenbacher, martin geyer, alexandros saganis, klaus-peter dorsch and thorsten schramm. Silver was achieved by stefan forster, wilhelm schmidt, nicole zier and dominik haunschild, gold by mario nagel, joseph papp, katharina streit, jurgen gotz, benny hauck, patrick jorn, felix karl, pasquale neumann, uwe schwarz, tanja renner, marco rennert and jurgen wachter.

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