Local thoroughfare remains dense for a long time

It will take another three weeks before vehicles are officially allowed to roll through rudenhausen again," he added. At the meeting of the municipal council, mayor gerhard ackermann announced that the tram construction office will continue to enforce the ban on vehicles passing through rudenhausen until friday, 25. September has demanded.

The entire thoroughfare has already been closed for several months because the water pipes are being renewed in many places in the town. The rehabilitation of around 2.7 kilometers of pipeline network, as well as 170 house connections, has been completed with the exception of some remaining work. The costs were calculated in advance at 2.2 million euros.

It wasn't just 'highway to hell' that was a hit in ebermannstadt

The students of the gymnasium frankische schweiz (GFS) presented a fireworks display of sound that lasted over three hours and was a credit to a music school.
The more than 700 listeners in the school auditorium, including mayor franz josef kraus, were treated to a gentle, upbeat introduction by the lower school choir, which was led by carmen gotz, after the funeral, in which principal erhard herrmann and his deputy peter drescher had divided themselves over the two evenings.

Niklas ott set the tone with a solo on the electric guitar in the piece "nothing else matters," performed by the new lower-grade big band brought to life by florian kager and the schoolchildren interesting accents.
Lena lunz (Q11) also contributed to the success of the concert, who together with florian wrede (Q11) played the role of the "crazy one" friedrich mozart, offspring of the musical genius wolfgang amadeus mozart, and self-penned texts led through the program.

There is no winner between sand and hofheim

The table tennis men of TTC sand and SV hofheim share the points in the district league. FC knetzgau does not win either.

The second team from ebern won a close match in the top game of the district class.

Orange draws attention

It’s getting to be evening in steinweg; the dark winter clothing of the passers-by blurs with the damming. One group stands out: five women, one man – and all wearing something bright orange. They unpack a folding rule in front of a store window, a spirit level and a sticker the size of a billboard. It is transparent-orange. "Stop violence against women", it says.

The action makes on the "orange day" attention: the international day against violence against women takes place every year on the 25. November instead of. Under the motto "orange the world – stand up for women" human rights organizations worldwide join the campaign. "Every third woman in germany has been affected by violence at least once in her life", says elisabeth westhauser, deputy women’s representative of coburg university. "We are a meeting and learning place, we educate young people so that they can courageously and together shape the future. It is also our duty to draw attention to such grievances."

New vehicle

On sunday, the fortschendorf fire department inaugurated its new team transport vehicle (MTW). Commander wicklein explained that the handover of the new team transport vehicle was a further strengthening of the fortschendorf fire department’s capabilities. The fortschendorf fire department did not make the decision lightly and often had to balance the tactical benefits with the acquisition costs.
The planning for the acquisition of the mtw began years ago. In 2015, the application for the purchase of a mtw was submitted to the municipality. 2015 and 2016 the market pressig could not set this purchase in the budget. So it was decided to finance the vehicle from club funds, donations and demand subsidies itself.
Commander wicklein thanked all those who made the decision. He expressed special thanks to reinhold heinlein for his commitment to the procurement of the MTW, who has worked so hard for the procurement in the market pressig, the finance committee and the municipal council that one can say that without him the MTW would not be there. He also thanked gerhard schmidt and armin fehn for the planning, production and installation of the rear shelf.
Second mayor fortsch conveyed the congratulations of the market pressig, and promised that the market pressig will pay for the maintenance of the vehicle. District fire chief joachim ranzenberger emphasized the importance of this team transport vehicle for fortschendorf, he himself had also endorsed the application. It is not self-evident that a fire department finances its own equipment and vehicles. The church blessing for the team transport vehicle was performed by deacon fehn.
Already on saturday, 27. May, the youth fire department celebrated its 25th anniversary. Youth olympics took place on saturday afternoon. At the award ceremony, commander wicklein thanked lena hergenrother for the planning and execution of the event.


the trophies were presented by reinhold heinlein, who also donated all three trophies: 1. Place youth fire department pressig group I; 2. 3rd place youth fire department fortschendorf group I; 3. Place youth fire department rothenkirchen group II; 4. Place youth fire department rothenkirchen group I; 5. Youth fire department fortschendorf group II; 6. Youth fire department wickendorf; 7. Youth fire department pressig group II.

Markus blenk (LG bamberg) crossed the finish line in 46:33.1 minutes after twelve and a half kilometers, just a blink of an eye ahead of uwe bauerlein (TSV staffelstein / 46:33.2). Under the leadership of second chairman dominik prager and organizer adele ludewig, the sports friends had prepared everything well, and the weather also played along perfectly. The pleasant temperatures were perfect for the long-distance players. The mass start with 145 participants and different running disciplines was impressive – only the starting shot was a little bit too slow. But the runners did not mind much, and soon the favorites took the lead after leaving the sports ground. The route led through the village and over field and land consolidation paths into the autumnal forest and around the ruin and the forest area "raueneck.

Demanding course

mother and daughter drebel dominate the competition

Ebern – again bianca and anna-maria drebel from DC gipsy ebern returned quite successful from the dart district ranking tournament in bad windsheim. They won together in the doubles, bianca drebel won the singles competition.
In the men’s category, lars kunzelmann and rainer drebel represented the ebern colors. On their debut, they finished first in the preliminary round, but were eliminated in the eighth finals against strong opponents. The tournament was far more successful for bianca and daughter anna-maria drebel in the women’s competition. Although they only came second in their group, they showed their strong form in the semifinals and the finals.
One day later, the individual competitions took place, with stefan mader, lars kunzelmann and rainer drebel in the men’s category and bianca and anna-maria drebel in the women’s category. After two wins and two losses, kunzelmann came 17th, as did mader, who was eliminated by youth player simon wibmuller from schwabach, who recently won the ebern tournament.
Both ebern ladies reached the semifinals and met each other there. Anna-maria missed her chances to win in the first two sets, after that bianca drebel used her experience to her advantage. Afterwards she did not give her opponent a chance in the final and won 2:0 and 2:0.

Further building area in the untersiemau municipality goes into planning stage

The "breites stuck II" development plan in the municipality of obersiemau, the zoning became legally effective in 2000 and designates a total of 18 parcels for residential development. Two of them are already built on and two are sold. At the meeting of the municipal council on thursday in the town hall, the committee decided to award the planning contract to the buro koenig& kuhnel (weitramsdorf) to prepare the second construction phase accordingly. In march the council decided to develop the undeveloped plots of land via herrengasse. Suc as telekom have pointed out that a planning has to be done so that appropriate switching stations can be installed in this area. In order to keep costs as low as possible, it would make sense to plan the entire renovation. According to mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU), budget funds have been set aside for the coming year.

Renovation work on the barn in the center of scherneck is progressing. However, according to initial estimates, the costs will increase by about 10,000 euros, so that the estimated sum of 31,000 euros will be significantly exceeded, informed rosenbauer, and he had a detailed explanation for this. In order to be able to repair the half-timbering accordingly, additional support work was necessary. In addition, additional damage had become visible at the right-hand corner of the fire station during earthworks. As a result, a complete area had to be concreted anew in order to ensure the stability of an entire wall slab.

The new building of the senior citizens’ center was the focus of an information afternoon in haus waldenfels. On her tour of the district, member of the bundestag elisabeth scharfenberg (bundnis 90 / die grunen) visited bad kissingen and bad bruckenau. She is the spokesperson for old-age and care policy and a member of the health committee in her parliamentary group. Scharfenberg quickly made contact with the residents.
"I hope I live to see the new building", 94-year-old resident else hippler made a wish. After the architect dieter ben kauffmann, who was commissioned with the planning, had vividly awakened desires with his 3-D model of the new building, this was only too understandable.
"Our over 40 year old house waldenfels is getting on in years", confirmed marco schafer, director of the von hesssche foundation. The new building ensemble between ernst-putzstrabe and crailsheimstrabe is to be built on the former site of the district hospital. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for next spring, but the exact date is not yet known.
There are plans for a nursing home, assisted living, living quarters for the disabled, as well as outpatient and inpatient caritas services, but also private facilities. Group meetings with seniors from outside the house and younger generations have also been considered, schafer explained.
"This is a major building decision by the foundation", mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) was pleased with the "filigree building design on a slope". This will positively liven up the cityscape. Last but not least jobs were secured and increased.
"Waldenfels is just one of many stations that i visit as a spokesperson for care policy in bavaria", said scharfenberg. The new plan is in line with the idea of bringing together different groups such as the disabled, the elderly and the young. In the area of the nursing care insurance it is necessary to change some structures, so that the financing is guaranteed.
"Care must not be a private sector, but a social obligation", scharfenberg called for increased commitment from the rich. Profits from renting and leasing as well as interest income from property are suitable sources for tax purposes. "Solidarity is not a one-way street, said scharfenberg.
In bad kissingen, scharfenberg was previously at the day care of the nursing service. "I had gained a very good impression there. This care service is an important facility, especially for dementia patients", she said and added: "it is a great relief for carers during the day".

This was said by dietrich schmitt, managing director of IT service provider unisys deutschland, at the presentation of a new study by the company. Only 23 percent of those surveyed agreed that germany should forego its own data protection laws in favor of EU-wide regulations.

Of those surveyed, 81 percent favored making it a legal requirement for companies and organizations to protect personal data to the best of their ability. 69 percent of those surveyed demanded that data security measures be certified by an independent auditing company.