Overhead power lines in frankenbrunn will soon be history

Overhead power lines in frankenbrunn will soon be history

In its second meeting, the market town council dealt with the nomination and appointment of committees and representatives. In addition, minor changes were made to the bylaws of the association.

Frank mersdorf (chairman), julian ziegler, alexander muth, klaus kunder, paul bieber, holger frohlich and daniel bahn were appointed to the audit committee. The joint hall committee for the multipurpose hall oberthulba and the thulbatalhalle thulba will in future comprise margot schottdorf, daniela spahn, jurgen kolb, stefan gartner, elmar sell, holger frohlich and thomas schuhmann. The tasks of the committee are to harmonize the existing contracts of both halls as far as possible, and in addition, extensive and comprehensive renovation measures for the thulbatalhalle are to be carried out.

In the future, julian ziegler and michael rommelt will serve as youth representatives, and kerstin neder and daniela spahn will serve as representatives for senior citizens. Mayor gotz described the offices as not unimportant, they formed in each case the link between the groupings and the municipal council.

In accordance with the new pattern of the bayerischer gemeindetag (bavarian municipal association), some changes were made, mainly concerning the council information system. In the tasks of the mayor in his own jurisdiction, the recommended euro amounts were only partially taken over. The honorary members of the town council receive a monthly allowance of 30 euros for their work, if they participate in the council information system, the meeting allowance is 20 euros.

The local representatives receive a monthly allowance: 190 euros in oberthulba, 170 euros in thulba, 150 euros each in frankenbrunn, hassenbach and wittershausen, and 130 euros each in hetzlos, reith and schlimpfhof. The compensation for the 2. Mayor was set at 628 euros, which the 3. Mayor’s fee set at 197 euros. In the event that all mayors are prevented from attending at the same time, market town councilor klaus kunder is the additional deputy mayor.

The council unanimously approved the following building applications: new construction of a single-family home with double garage in frankenbrunn, construction of a home with double carport in wittershausen, and demolition and replacement of the roof truss on the existing adjoining building in frankenbrunn. The requested and required exemptions were granted.

Bayernwerk netz gmbh wanted to install underground cables in the remaining area of the local network in frankenbrunn as part of the dismantling of the overhead lines. Since the street lighting there is now getting on in years and is still partly supplied by overhead lines, bayernwerk has submitted an offer to modernize the system in the areas of the summer garden, laibach, schlossgarten, steinstrabe and linnenstrabe. Thomas kirchner, civil engineering construction organization, presented the project to the council.

The presented offer includes the new construction of eight luminaires, the reconstruction of ten luminaires, five attachment changes as well as the necessary rewiring with a length of 1200 meters and a total amount of 85300 euro. The electricity savings through the use of energy-saving LED luminaires is 63 percent, or 4934 kilowatt hours per year, although the number of luminaires will be increased from the current 15 to 23. It is planned to carry out the acceptance test at the same time as the low-voltage cabling in order to exploit synergy effects for both the network operator and the market in oberthulba. A later wiring and modernization of the lighting system would, according to the current state, lead to additional costs in the amount of 50000 euros.

Furthermore, the tartan surface on the hard court at the elementary and middle school thulbatal is loose in parts, especially at the edge areas and in the area of the long jump facility. In order to avoid further damage, it must be renovated. The most economical offer was made by the company procon play& leisure in the amount of 8465 euro.

Mayor mario gotz also presented the new organization chart of the oberthulba market. Nicole wehner, head of the main office, and klaus blum, head of the finance department, described the employee structures and areas of responsibility in their respective areas.

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