Nine choruses thrill the audience in hannberg

What a debut for the first choir festival at "kultur in der kirchenburg" (culture in the church castle) at the hannberg weir under the patronage of district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU). At his funeral, the district administrator announced that seven social projects would be supported with the donations and also by the participating choirs.

Nine choruses performed, the colorful musical mix and the high school of harmony thrilled the audience around the church. As additional highlights, the hannberger fotopreis was awarded and a unique light installation made the weir church shine.

"My congratulations again for this great performance, combined with a heartfelt thanks to the organizers. Tonight’s concert was super and impressed me very much", declared the district administrator in the late evening.

With joy and commitment

thomas willert, chairman of the committee for art, culture and history of the hannberg parish, expressed a similar opinion: "our first choir festival went really well. Many visitors, wonderful singers, a great atmosphere and, above all, the weather held out."
Choral singing a relic of bygone days? No way! The choir festival in the kirchenburg impressively proved that singing in the community is not a dusty residual item. Not only the joy of singing was expressed, but also the cultural commitment of the people in the region.

After the great success of culture in the kirchenburg last year with the schaeffler bigband there was a continuation on friday. The choirs presented a mixture of classical music to modern pop, from gospel to film music, and met the taste of the audience, which was evident from the thunderous applause and cheers.

Each choir was a sponsor for a social and charitable institution or for people in need. The donations will be used to support the erlangen railroad station mission, the uganda project of the hannberg parish, the haus fur mutter und kind in furth, the cystic fibrosis regional group of central and upper franconia, the family relief service and the open work with the disabled of the erlangen life assistance organization, the weisendorf catholic kindergarten and the rottenbach community’s school tute initiative.

Around 450 singers from the following choirs were on stage: hebdorfer singkreis "sing-a-moll" from rottenbach "sing& pray" of the parishes hannberg and weisendorf, the kantorei st. Matthaus from erlangen, the church choir st. Magdalena from herzogenaurach, the klangfarben choir from nurnberg, the "cacilia" singing club from grobenseebach, the vocal ensemble "quindici" from hochstadt and the "keller-chore", founded especially for the benefit concert with participants from choirs from adelsdorf, aisch, dechsendorf and frauenaurach.

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