New vehicle

New vehicle

On sunday, the fortschendorf fire department inaugurated its new team transport vehicle (MTW). Commander wicklein explained that the handover of the new team transport vehicle was a further strengthening of the fortschendorf fire department’s capabilities. The fortschendorf fire department did not make the decision lightly and often had to balance the tactical benefits with the acquisition costs.
The planning for the acquisition of the mtw began years ago. In 2015, the application for the purchase of a mtw was submitted to the municipality. 2015 and 2016 the market pressig could not set this purchase in the budget. So it was decided to finance the vehicle from club funds, donations and demand subsidies itself.
Commander wicklein thanked all those who made the decision. He expressed special thanks to reinhold heinlein for his commitment to the procurement of the MTW, who has worked so hard for the procurement in the market pressig, the finance committee and the municipal council that one can say that without him the MTW would not be there. He also thanked gerhard schmidt and armin fehn for the planning, production and installation of the rear shelf.
Second mayor fortsch conveyed the congratulations of the market pressig, and promised that the market pressig will pay for the maintenance of the vehicle. District fire chief joachim ranzenberger emphasized the importance of this team transport vehicle for fortschendorf, he himself had also endorsed the application. It is not self-evident that a fire department finances its own equipment and vehicles. The church blessing for the team transport vehicle was performed by deacon fehn.
Already on saturday, 27. May, the youth fire department celebrated its 25th anniversary. Youth olympics took place on saturday afternoon. At the award ceremony, commander wicklein thanked lena hergenrother for the planning and execution of the event.


the trophies were presented by reinhold heinlein, who also donated all three trophies: 1. Place youth fire department pressig group I; 2. 3rd place youth fire department fortschendorf group I; 3. Place youth fire department rothenkirchen group II; 4. Place youth fire department rothenkirchen group I; 5. Youth fire department fortschendorf group II; 6. Youth fire department wickendorf; 7. Youth fire department pressig group II.

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