Name & notes

Name & notes

From the volkach district of eichfeld celebrated her 90th birthday on monday. Birthday. The rusty senior citizen enjoyed a harmonious family celebration with her two children, brigitte and dieter, their families, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The congratulations of the city of volkach and the population were conveyed by mayor peter kornell and city councilor helmar hartner. The head of the city presented the mentally fit jubilarian with a bouquet of flowers.

Emma walter arrived on 11. Born on november 1923, the daughter of farmer kaspar durr and his wife johanna. She is a genuine eichfelderin. Together with her two brothers, she grew up in the town where she was born. Her brothers fell in the second world war. After finishing school, emma walter helped out on her parents’ farm. 1954 she married eichfeld farmer hans walter. Her husband had returned home from russian captivity late in life. Together, they worked on the farm.

Hans walter died ten years ago. In old age, emma walter is lovingly cared for by daughter-in-law ute. Dieter’s son continues to run the farm at home. The jubilarian loves to watch tv and read the newspaper. Poems learned in the past gush out of it like a fountain of youth. Photo: peter pfannes

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