Local thoroughfare remains dense for a long time

Local thoroughfare remains dense for a long time

It will take another three weeks before vehicles are officially allowed to roll through rudenhausen again," he added. At the meeting of the municipal council, mayor gerhard ackermann announced that the tram construction office will continue to enforce the ban on vehicles passing through rudenhausen until friday, 25. September has demanded.

The entire thoroughfare has already been closed for several months because the water pipes are being renewed in many places in the town. The rehabilitation of around 2.7 kilometers of pipeline network, as well as 170 house connections, has been completed with the exception of some remaining work. The costs were calculated in advance at 2.2 million euros.

In addition, mayor ackermann announced at the meeting that the municipality must draw up a new plan for the management of the municipal forests. The municipality has around 12 hectares of forest, which are looked after by the state office for food, agriculture and forestry. A plan is drawn up every 20 years. The cost to the community is about 1200 euros.

Furthermore, mayor ackermann informed that gasversorgung unterfranken will soon lay a natural gas pipeline from kleinlangheim to abtswind. The route runs through the rudenhauser municipal area. The council was asked whether a connection for rudenhausen would be included in the project. He had approached the company about this, said ackermann.

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