Living association

Living association

Chairman helmut nentwich hit the nail on the head with the statement that the fire department is a lively association with a variety of activities.

Nentwich not only reviewed the achievements of the honorees, but also the most important events of the fire department since its 25th anniversary in 1952.

Franz schindler was honored for 50 years of membership, but was unable to attend, as was armin bar, who has been a member of the club for 65 years. For 60 years of membership, erich sunkel, armin fehn, rudolf lindlein, friedrich buttner and hans-dieter berold received an honorary certificate and a clock.

Afterwards, the award ceremony for long years of service in leadership positions took place: these were klaus schneider, who has been a member of the board for 29 years, including 17 years as second chairman and twelve years as secretary. Committee member jochen hempfling, who was also second chairman for nine years, was also honored. Andreas kowalski, who was a member of the committee from 1988 to 2008, was also honored. Without you, said the chairman in his laudation, the kaltenbrunn fire department would not be what it is today. But helmut nentwich himself was also among those honored that evening – for his 36 years of leadership, 13 years as deputy commander, seven years as commander, three years as second chairman and since 2009 as chairman.

Andreas kowalski and matthias bar were awarded the state honorary cross in gold for 40 years of active service by district administrator klaus loffler and district fire chief jochen ranzenberger. Loffler praised the great voluntary commitment, the responsible action, the reliability and the role model function for the youth.

District fire chief ranzenberger was once again pleased to be able to present the silver cross of honor of the district fire department association to three active firefighters for many years of leadership together with district fire chief matthias schuback. This was awarded to klaus schneider, andreas kowalski and commander christian hempfling.

In his laudation, ranzenberger praised the dedicated youth work of the kaltenbrunn fire department as well as the services of all those honored.

Mayor hans-peter laschka praised the defense force, which is a guarantor for an intact village community. Not least therefore the entire municipality can be proud of the kaltenbrunn fire department. Hfm

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