Landestheater coburg invited to the bavarian theater days

Landestheater coburg invited to the bavarian theater days

The stage version of odon von horvath’s novel, directed by maike bouschen, celebrated its successful premiere in coburg in early december. The coburg production is one of a total of 25 productions that will be staged at the 37th coburg state theater. Was invited to participate in the first edition of the bavarian theater days at the landestheater schwaben in memmingen.

This year, for the first time, the 20. To 31. May theatrical days curated by. In an intensive review process, the six-person curatorial team made a selection from 93 applications received. The invited productions will be presented in five thematic series. "Youth without god" from the landestheater coburg runs in the series "classics for today.

Three of the actors from "youth without god (eva marianne berger, frederik leberle and benjamin hubner) can also be seen by the coburg public in "othello-production by konstanze lauterbach to play on saturday (8. February, 19.30 o’clock) celebrates premiere.

The E.T.A.-hoffmann theater bamberg’s production of oscar wilde’s "bunbury" is a success under the heading "divers represented. The 37. Bavarian theater days are held under the motto "we can also do things differently!"

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