Hirschaid is gripped by joy

Hirschaid is gripped by joy

"On sunday, 27. January, 11.11 a.M., all bachelors must perform manual and tension service in the shoveling of snow on the friesener warte!" should such a notice be sent to male residents of the municipality in the next few days, they do not need to take it seriously. Because: the key power for the city hall has since friday evening the harschaada fools. God woman, what they come up with now to keep the boys fooled.

Third mayor erwin kramer handed out the golden town hall exclamation point to the prince and princess after good words of encouragement from his superior romana gensel, second mayor and head of entertainment for the municipality. The tollitaten alexander I. And elena I. Swing since then in hirschaid the the scepter. Until ash wednesday on 13. February, then also this spook is past.

The sparkling wine flows in streams, as the fools conquer the action area in the mobelhaus neubert. The cheerful, charming and brilliant presenter romana gensel, the dance mariechen and the guards turn the mobel into a madhouse. The enthronement of the harschaad prince and princess, which traditionally takes place in january, will be attended by the still nuchterne, but nevertheless cornflower-blue court of the mainleuser carnival club with prince michael iii. And to her sweetness, princess theresa I., at. The first president of the society wolfgang hartmann, in loyalty to the carnivalists of harschaad, who have been his friends for nine years, wishes them a lively and successful session.

Only for sunday there are still remaining tickets
and with the two prunksitzungen on the coming weekend the carnival in hirschaid strives toward its first high points. Only at the event on sunday (starting: 17.29 o’clock in the jahnhalle) there are still seats available, romana gensel informs us. Tickets at the hubert company. Other highlights of the hirschaider carnival are the bewitching storming of the town hall on mardi gras, the big gaudiwurm through the gemaa on carnival sunday from 2 p.M. And the humid and cheerful fruhschoppen on rosenmontag in the brewery kraus.
But first the carnival has to get going. The "neubert-garde" is already in a good mood, saucy and lively girls from the "tanzrhythmus hirschaid", well prepared by maraike and gerlinde stache.

Prince alexander I. And her loveliness, princess elena I., after the proclamation and the presentation of the scepter of folly to their home community, they recommended the three-four time: viennese waltzes can perhaps be danced a little more roundly, but who knows how agile one is in a stately costume?. And besides: it is well known that swaying brings us closer together.

Contagious happiness
the court musician gunter schramm succeeds almost at once to infect the audience slightly disinhibited by the bubbly. Already a few bars of evergreens of the fifth season are enough, in order to put the carnival mabig rather hard-bodied bierfranken in a breath of ecstasy. Spatestens then it goes round, if the harschaada carnival song is belted out. "The holl’ is loose" heibt the refrain of the gassenhauers.

Joyful urstand celebrated at the end of the enthronement the harschaada majesties of the last ten years however not all could follow the invitation to the stelldichein. Romana gensel also wanted to play princess once and with "your loveliness to be addressed, by the way, at the side of "stani" (johann grobkopf) of the regnitzau. Judging by the laughter and applause of the audience, this is probably the pairing for 2014.

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