Hans-georg hafner remains head of the spd in eltmann

At the members’ meeting of the local SPD association in eltmann, chairman hans-georg hafner began by highlighting a number of municipal issues and emphasizing the good work done by the SPD in eltmann for the people. "City council work is not always presented in public", says hafner. He was referring in particular to the fact that in eltmann, the SPD has played a major role in keeping municipal fees and charges at their current low level. "This is the declared goal of the SPD to keep the fees and charges for all at a profitable level."

"We have advantages in eltmann, such as favorable building, living and housing, but on the other hand we also have to face negative sides, such as too few shopping opportunities," he said, explained the chairman.

Hafner also focused on the many vacancies in the city: "it is extremely difficult to activate the core area of the city and to bring the vacant buildings to the people, that will be the main challenge of the city council’s work for the future", according to his comment.

Half a million for schools

the SPD local association chairman went on to say that the city was investing a lot in the future of the young generations. In the last ten years alone, this has meant an average of 500 vacancies.000 euros spent on schools and kindergartens each year. "Money in schools is the future, and that is why the SPD is always in favor of investing here".

However, according to hafner, there are also current problems that need to be shouldered together. He was referring in particular to infrastructure facilities such as the canal in robstadt, where "suddenly authorities came up with the idea that the existing canal was too small and that a functional canal had to be replaced by a coarser one, costing the city a good two million euro."

Hafner also addressed the issue of water supply. He explained that here, too, the future must be looked at with a sense of proportion and reason in the upcoming refurbishment "here, too, we will make sure that the costs for the citizens do not get out of hand", explained the SPD leader.

Unanimous election

hans-georg hafner was re-elected chairman of the eltmann SPD local association by a unanimous vote. His deputies georg kobrich and jurgen kolbert also received the trust of the party members once again. Treasurer remains manfred munch, secretary ullrich pfuhlmann. Rosl pflaum and wolfgang bruhl complete the board as assessors. Dieter schult and hans stark were elected as auditors.

Wolfgang bruhl, jurgen kolbert, georg kobrich and hans-georg hafner were elected as delegates to the federal constituency conference. Substitute delegates are rosl pflaum, ulli pfuhlmann, manfred munch and hans stark.

The following were appointed as delegates to the state parliament and district conference: wolfgang bruhl, jurgen kolbert, georg kobrich, hans-georg hafner, rosl pflaum and ulli pfuhlmann. Substitute delegates are: dieter schult and alfons schramm.

Honors for long-serving members

at the end of the members’ meeting of the SPD local association in eltmann, awards were presented for many years of loyal membership of the SPD:

barbara neeb, friedrich bruhl, gabriele ziegler and gertrud behutuns were awarded certificates for ten years of membership.

For 40 years of membership in the SPD, martin eckert, jurgen kolbert, herbert bott, dieter schult, josef hofmann, hans-georg hafner, horst deuerling, brigitte hackle, alma klarmann, fritz schmitt and helmut reitz were honored with a certificate and a pin of honor.

For 50 years of loyal membership in the social democratic party of germany (SPD), josef fuchs received a special honor: he was presented with a certificate and a badge of honor.

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