Groblangheim in the lead in many disciplines

Groblangheim in the lead in many disciplines

The main-steigerwald-friendship-shove 2018 was hosted by the schutzenverein oberschleichach. At the prize-giving ceremony in the schutzenhaus in oberschleichach, the new national champions were also proclaimed. The chairman of the MSB rudolf ruttger (iphofen) proclaimed dieter will (SV groblangheim) as the new MSB guardian king. With a score of 5.0, he outscored erwin kuntzel and bernhard schmitt (both BSG gochsheim), according to a press release.

Also the title of the MSB youth king went to groblangheim, which was shot by ben drews with a 149,3 divisor. The second place also went to groblangheim with a 162.4 divisor of dennis veres. Den 3. Place went to sennfeld to jonas griebmeier with a 170,4 divider. MSB-queen became jasmin schinzel (SV sennfeld), 2. Heike grund (BSG gochsheim), 3. Edith trump (SG kleinlangheim).

The SV groblangheim cleared further front places. In the MSB gluck frei competition, walter haupt came second with a score of 17.2, behind the first place winner, sandra rinder, who scored 4.4. In the gluck edition, a groblangheim shooter again took first place: ralf weigand scored the best low shot with a 4.0 divisor.

The MSB freundscheibe was again won by SV groblangheim with a score of 80.9, shot by gerhard heinlein. 2. Also the SV groblangheim was placed first with a 90,6 score by leonhard rommlein. The 3. First place went to ursula feindert (SG stierhofstetten).

At the MSB cup free resulted in this placement: 1. SV sennfeld; 2. BSG gochsheim; 3. SV oberschleichach; 4. SV groblangheim; 5. SV markt bibart. MSB cup imposed: 1. SG stierhofstetten; 2. SV groblangheim; 3. BSG gochsheim.SV groblangheim had the most guards at the start with 39, followed by oberschleichach (24) and gochsheim (21).

The next main-steigerwald-freundship-shift will take place in groblangheim in 2019.

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