Further building area in the untersiemau municipality goes into planning stage

Further building area in the untersiemau municipality goes into planning stage

The "breites stuck II" development plan in the municipality of obersiemau, the zoning became legally effective in 2000 and designates a total of 18 parcels for residential development. Two of them are already built on and two are sold. At the meeting of the municipal council on thursday in the town hall, the committee decided to award the planning contract to the buro koenig& kuhnel (weitramsdorf) to prepare the second construction phase accordingly. In march the council decided to develop the undeveloped plots of land via herrengasse. Suc as telekom have pointed out that a planning has to be done so that appropriate switching stations can be installed in this area. In order to keep costs as low as possible, it would make sense to plan the entire renovation. According to mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU), budget funds have been set aside for the coming year.

Renovation work on the barn in the center of scherneck is progressing. However, according to initial estimates, the costs will increase by about 10,000 euros, so that the estimated sum of 31,000 euros will be significantly exceeded, informed rosenbauer, and he had a detailed explanation for this. In order to be able to repair the half-timbering accordingly, additional support work was necessary. In addition, additional damage had become visible at the right-hand corner of the fire station during earthworks. As a result, a complete area had to be concreted anew in order to ensure the stability of an entire wall slab.

Another gate at the expense of the defense

After consultation between the fire department and the municipality, it was agreed that an additional gate should be installed in the direction of the forecourt of the fire department building at the expense of the fire department. The exact costs of the overall inspection should be available in about three weeks after completion of the work, informed rosenbauer.

The limited tendering of smaller civil engineering and rehabilitation works in 2019, as recommended by the committee for infrastructure, construction and environment (IBU), was fully approved by the municipal council. Compared to previous years, the sum collected was about twice as much, rosenbauer noted. However, this is due to the fact that there are a number of major positions that need to be filled in the coming year.

The company dr. Ruppert& felder (bayreuth) is awarded the contract to carry out ground surveys on the following roads (bid price of around 9000 euros): untersiemau – weibenbrunn am forst, obersiemau – birkach am forst and a slipping section of the stoppach – meschenbach road. The mayor pointed out that subsoil investigations are compulsory in the case of rough inspections, especially if the state is involved in the costs. Small boreholes (up to 15 centimeters in diameter) were drilled for this purpose. This made it possible to determine the water content of the soil and chemical influences. In addition, possible disturbances in the existing land were recorded.

The next election is sure to come

Due to the fact that the previous district administrator michael busch has moved into the bavarian state parliament, a district administrator election for the district of coburg is necessary. This will take place on 27. January 2019 will take place. If a runoff election is necessary, the date of the election is set for 10. February 2019 set. The newly elected district administrator (landratin) then takes office on 1. March 2019 his office on. Therefore, the untersiemau municipality decided on the voting districts as well as the compensation regulation.

The eleven polling stations are: untersiemau I (school), untersiemau II (town hall), scherneck ("zum guten hirten"), stoppach (multipurpose house MZH), haarth (alevi cultural center), meschenbach (MZH), weibenbrunn am forst (MZH), obersiemau (ehrlicher inn), birkach am forst (MZH), brieahl (untersiemau town hall). Six electoral assistants are assigned to each voting district. The compensation was set at 40 euros per person. Thus 60 election workers are to be assigned. Proposals can therefore be made in the electoral office of the municipality.

New commander: after the resignation of fire department commander matthias stark, a new election became necessary in the municipality of weibenbrunn am forst. First commander is now friedrich knabe and deputy tobias weigand. This was confirmed by district fire chief manfred lorenz for the next six years.

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