Csu contests election with a mixed team

Csu contests election with a mixed team

"Young wild" are not the ones who want to conquer the seats in the state parliament and the district parliament next year. But the CSU constituency of kronach-lichtenfels is sending a younger team into the election campaign, in which the district administrator of lichtenfels and CSU district chairman christian meibner, at just under 43 years of age, is already one of the more mature veterans. Last thursday in lichtenfelser schutzenhaus the delegates decided 100 percent for meibner as district council candidate. 99 percent of the 51 voters in kronach and 51 in lichtenfels voted for jurgen baumgartner as a state parliament candidate. There was also complete agreement in the nomination of the list or second-vote candidates: the frankenwald CSU and the christian socialists from the obermain decided in favor of holger then (state parliament) and oliver schwammlein (district parliament).
District chairman meibner considered the result a historic milestone for the merging of two formerly independent voting districts: "the merging of kronach and lichtenfels has succeeded", he stated. The election will send a unified signal to auben.
Meibner recalled turbulences and sensitivities at the foundation of the new constituency kronach-lichtenfels in 2003, which belong to the past. He thanked district councilor klaus loffler for resigning his mandate and clearing the way for a candidate from lichtenfels.
Due to his resignation as a member of the state parliament on 9. September 2011, a kronach member of the state parliament took up the threads he had to lay down at the time. "I’m sorry I couldn’t get some projects done", the current district administrator of lichtenfels and former deputy was self-critical. He was all the more pleased that his work as a district councilor would take him back to kronach. He assumed that also in the future a change of the mandate carriers from kronach and lichtenfels will take place.

"Advocate of the people

klaus loffler looked back on his time as a district councilor. From the latest budget deliberations for 2013, the mayor of steinbach reported on a reduction of the district levy by one percentage point, which will make it easier for the municipalities to make necessary investments, such as in the construction of the new hospital in lichtenfels.
State parliament candidate jurgen baumgartner (39) presented himself to the delegates as an "advocate for the people in front of. In addition to the urgent expansion of federal highways 85, 173 and 303, he wants to devote himself to expanding the educational horizon, also with the courage to approach private sponsors as well. The preservation of the local elementary schools and reasonable accessibility of the secondary schools were close to his heart.
For demographically disadvantaged areas, he called for the relocation of lower- and middle-ranking authorities to rural areas. Baumgartner also commented on his involvement in the right-wing scene. "I was 16 years old at the time and felt like a visionary, he admitted. He had recognized this mistake and did not want to talk about anything today. Now he stands on the point of view: "we do not need the NPD". He who loves his homeland follows a democratic party".
The list candidate for the state parliament, holger then from bad staffelstein, has been interested in politics for 18 years. The trained banker would like to devote himself more to economic policy. As chairman of the young union bad staffelstein, he wants to inspire young people in the spa town for political responsibility. The 27-year-old also wants his own "young contributing ideas.
Holger schwammlein from lochleithen, a suburb of mitwitz, introduced himself as a two-vote candidate for the district parliament. The 28-year-old cook has long since discovered his passion for politics.
Delegates for the state and district elections are jurgen baumgartner, sybille fugmann, angela hofmann, bernd liebhardt, gerhard wunder, christian meibner, christian mrosek, anna maria hoffmann, peter schmauser, emmi zeulner awe

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