Csb: weber to lead as head of administration

Representatives of the coburg CSU used the new year’s reception to defend coburg’s second mayor birgit weber from criticism. City council members of the christian-social burgers had criticized the management of the building and tourism officer at the members’ meeting of their electoral association. Gerhard amend had said, among other things, that birgit weber was too well paid to be a model. Thereupon the deputy chairwoman of the women’s union, irm titz, had accused him as sexism. The CSB reacted to all this on monday with a further declaration. Here the wording:
" fact is: the 2. Mayor dr. Birgit weber published the pommernstrabe development plan, which was overturned by the bavarian administrative court. She presented a parking concept that was rejected by the majority of city council members -including the CSU-, the chamber of commerce and industry, the retail trade, but also the visitors to the city center. The cooperation of city councillor gerhard amend and other city councillors then took place in workshops to push through changes in the interests of the citizens.
The CSB’s main criticism of the work of dr. Birgit weber has completed her term of office. She obviously sees her office exclusively as a representative political office and not as the head of the building administration. Therefore, it is not by chance that the oberburgermeister assigns tasks that are part of her department to employees from department 1 (oberburgermeister) or to the CSB. Wifog and wohnbau ubertragen. The construction of the parking lot at the train station he took over himself. With regard to the remarks made by district chairman rene boldt at the CSU’s new year’s reception, we need only recall the inscription of the order of the garter (translated for rene boldt as: "a rascal who thinks evil of it.").
It is a pity that the mayor only stands in front of her employees when criticism is voiced by the CSB. Why didn’t she do the same when CSU city councilor jurgen oehm made an unflattering attack on a member of the administration?? Why was the outgoing director of tourism allowed to call city councilors friedrich herdan (member of the CSU city council faction, editor’s note) and gerhard amend clueless at a meeting of the tourism council, which she chairs? The two city councils had requested in a motion the reorganization of the tourism and city marketing, which is currently being prepared. The CSB hope that the learning phase of dr. Weber is now complete and in the future she will lead department 2 as head of administration."

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