Change of leadership at the kissinger sangervereinigung

change of leadership at the kissinger sangervereinigung

Wolfgang russ did not run after ten years any more, it is further in a press release of the sangervereinigung.

The kissinger sangervereinigung looks back on a successful year of rehearsals and concerts in 2019. Highlights of the year were two performances of joseph haydn’s oratorio "die jahreszeiten", the passion concert "stabat mater" in the jakobuskirche as well as a concert trip in may to eisenstadt.

Many concerts and rehearsals

For the first time since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the members of the choral society met in one room. Since the regular rehearsal location in the sinnberg elementary school is not available, the meeting took place in the coarse hall of the rhon-adler guesthouse in hausen. Chairman wolfgang russ looked back in his report on a very busy association year 2019: five major, four minor concerts, a five-day concert trip to eisenstadt, 31 regular and 13 special rehearsals testify to a very extensive work program of the concert choir, which has been a performance choir since 2018. The highlight of the youth choir chorisma was the musical accompaniment at the cultural award ceremony in hammelburg; among the prizewinners was their choir director antje kopp.

New elections

The new elections brought a change in the leadership of the association. As announced in advance, wolfgang russ (68) did not stand for re-election, as he would like to hand over the fate of the association to younger hands. Sven steinbach (49), chief physician in the lung department of the helios hospital, was unanimously elected to replace him as the new chairman. The new chairman, and subsequently the association, thanked the outgoing chairman russ with a gift of plants and a voucher, as well as a long standing ovation for his work.

Jubilee and corona

"The virus will continue to keep us on our toes", as the new chairman, who is also the association’s hygiene officer, emphasized in his inaugural speech. Therefore, this year’s 175th anniversary of the association could not be held as planned. Both the planned festive event on 10. May, as well as other club events had to be cancelled due to corona. At least took place on 6. On february 2020, a reception was held by the city of bad kissingen, where the new anniversary brochure was also presented to the public.

Resumption of rehearsals

The choir will try "on a trial basis to return to regular choral activities", according to choir director hermann freibott. The women of the choir rehearse on thursday, 13. August, the manner one week later (20. August), each from 19.45 o’clock in the rhon eagle. Participation is voluntary. A joint rehearsal of all 50 singers is not possible at the moment because of corona. Further development must be awaited in view of the current virus situation. Carsten ahlers

Board elections 2020

Chairman: sven steinbach, 1. Deputy: christine weib, 2. Deputy: regina renninger, treasurer: volker stahl, secretary: carsten ahlers.

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