World store makes town a 'fair trade town

Always keen to diversify their offerings, the team of volunteers also made every effort to expand the range of products last year. The lebenswelt association promoted its products at parish festivals, clothing drives, lectures and school visits, as chairwoman monika mutzel explained at the members’ meeting.
Mutzel wants to turn hammelburg into a “fair trade town transform. Schools, cafes and restaurants should also offer fair trade products in the future. Cooperation with other clubs was desirable. The chairwoman recommended that the refugees be included in the charge. She is also striving for a dialogue with groups from the church sector. The formation of networks has already started with the “entangled world” started. Women knit scarves with wool from the world store, which are later made into blankets. Before that, the club wants to “warmly wrap” the market fountain at the michael market.
This year’s donations will go to the evangelical church community for its children in need project in nairobi and to christian mussig for a bolivianian children’s hospital.
Business manager gaby ordelheide explained the range of products, which also includes items from the lebenshilfe workshops. Optimized software now makes it possible to offer a better service. Rita scholl presented the financial report: according to this report, the lebenswelt association has 69 members and a solid financial basis. Daniela hofbauer had to report a drop in sales, which – as irene fell believed – was the result of lower purchases. However, the supplier in alzenau had also closed down, so the club had to look for a new partner.
At the new elections, chairwoman monika mutzel again received the trust for the next three years. The equal chairman, rudolf heckmann, resigned from his office. Brigitte ruppert took over the responsibility at the top of the association in his place. Rita scholl remains treasurer, michaela drescher secretary. The treasurers dorothee tuchscherer and stefanie schlereth also took up their office again. Assessors are margit weibenberger, eva zehe and rudolf heckmann.

Tc women gild their great achievements

The past summer season could not have gone better for the men’s and women’s tennis teams of TC 66 herzogenaurach. Seven promotions in all, with the women’s team in particular having an unblemished record and underlining its status as a flagship club. The first women’s team with olivia richter, hanna schmerer, michaela lisecova, nicole martens, caro basu, petra ladstatter, eva krejcova and dominika wojtal beat the strong teams from manching and TC RW erlangen, kept a clean slate with 7:0 victories and thus made it into the state league.

Promotion at the third attempt

They made the most of their opportunity, the "ecn-class" schoolchildren at the johann-puppert school. They were now able to receive their certificates during a ceremony. "Ecn" stands for "using extra opportunities, this is a successful model that has been practiced for years at the michelau middle school.
A total of 25 students attended the ecn class during the past school year. Almost all of them have graduated from high school, some of them even with a qualifying high school diploma.
The special model for the 9. Class by the municipality of michelau, the sachauandstrager, the evangelic deanery of michelau, as free sponsor, and by the donations of the savings bank. The parents’ council and the forderverein also support the project, which will be repeated in the coming school year if possible.
It was a worthy hour of celebration, which the schoolchildren honored with their festive attire. Principal alexandra kober wished the dismissed students courage, hope, perseverance, willingness to work hard and confidence in their own abilities. It is no less important to find the right paths and always have a clear goal in mind.
"Those who want to avoid something look for reasons, those who want to achieve something look for ways", was the message that the director of the school district norbert hauck gave to the dismissing students. Burgermeister helmut fischer (CSU) turned his attention to the acquired degree. "You could be proud of what you have achieved", he congratulated on behalf of the community. The company will continue to support its local school in the future. The proud sum of 6.6 million euros is to be invested in the general renovation of the building.
"We are a very special class, we rocked the school year together", the spokeswomen of the dismissal school students announced. They were happy to reminisce, accompanied by pictures, about joint undertakings and special events. Their thanks went to all the teachers involved. In recognition, they each presented a sunflower to the school principal alexandra kober, the teachers christa witzgall, martina faber, angelika bittermann, kathrin sunkel, tina schardt and angelika weib. Not forgotten were also the secretary birgitt bohm and the janitor michael prehmus.
The highlight was the presentation of the certificates. Additionally, there was a folder of the district for every single ecn-schooler. A special honor was bestowed on the best male and female graduates. Jaqueline krappmann and alexander eckhardt received a special award from the principal for their outstanding performance.

It wasn't just 'highway to hell' that was a hit in ebermannstadt

The students of the gymnasium frankische schweiz (GFS) presented a fireworks display of sound that lasted over three hours and was a credit to a music school.
The more than 700 listeners in the school auditorium, including mayor franz josef kraus, were treated to a gentle, upbeat introduction by the lower school choir, which was led by carmen gotz, after the funeral, in which principal erhard herrmann and his deputy peter drescher had divided themselves over the two evenings.

Niklas ott set the tone with a solo on the electric guitar in the piece "nothing else matters," performed by the new lower-grade big band brought to life by florian kager and the schoolchildren interesting accents.
Lena lunz (Q11) also contributed to the success of the concert, who together with florian wrede (Q11) played the role of the "crazy one" friedrich mozart, offspring of the musical genius wolfgang amadeus mozart, and self-penned texts led through the program.

Further building area in the untersiemau municipality goes into planning stage

The "breites stuck II" development plan in the municipality of obersiemau, the zoning became legally effective in 2000 and designates a total of 18 parcels for residential development. Two of them are already built on and two are sold. At the meeting of the municipal council on thursday in the town hall, the committee decided to award the planning contract to the buro koenig& kuhnel (weitramsdorf) to prepare the second construction phase accordingly. In march the council decided to develop the undeveloped plots of land via herrengasse. Suc as telekom have pointed out that a planning has to be done so that appropriate switching stations can be installed in this area. In order to keep costs as low as possible, it would make sense to plan the entire renovation. According to mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU), budget funds have been set aside for the coming year.

Renovation work on the barn in the center of scherneck is progressing. However, according to initial estimates, the costs will increase by about 10,000 euros, so that the estimated sum of 31,000 euros will be significantly exceeded, informed rosenbauer, and he had a detailed explanation for this. In order to be able to repair the half-timbering accordingly, additional support work was necessary. In addition, additional damage had become visible at the right-hand corner of the fire station during earthworks. As a result, a complete area had to be concreted anew in order to ensure the stability of an entire wall slab.

What a debut for the first choir festival at "kultur in der kirchenburg" (culture in the church castle) at the hannberg weir under the patronage of district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU). At his funeral, the district administrator announced that seven social projects would be supported with the donations and also by the participating choirs.

Nine choruses performed, the colorful musical mix and the high school of harmony thrilled the audience around the church. As additional highlights, the hannberger fotopreis was awarded and a unique light installation made the weir church shine.

Four female employees celebrate quarter of a century of service

Rita nowecki, christl seeberger, regina saam and michaela sperlein celebrate 25 years of service. Service anniversary at the heroldsbach school association. The jubilarians celebrated these special events in the meeting room of the town hall with edgar buttner, chairman of the school association, peter walter, principal, and their colleagues.
Thanks to their decades of service, the four jubilarians make up the cleaning team at the elementary and middle school in heroldsbach. The school association, the teachers, but above all the students are dependent on enthusiastic, reliable and, above all, competent employees.
In 1992, under the then school association chairman edwin dippacher, the cleaning activities in the former elementary school in heroldsbach were once again carried out by the school’s own staff. Together with regina schmitt, kunigunda mauser, veronika ehemann as well as birgit furst and the four jubilarians rita nowecki, christl seeberger, regina saam and michaela sperlein an excellent team was established to the complete satisfaction of everyone.
Although there were 478 students in 1992 and only 193 today, the school in heroldsbach has not become smaller – the need for motivated cleaners has become even greater.
Association chairman buttner praised the always committed and motivated behavior of the four jubilarians. He also emphasized their special commitment and extraordinary reliability over the past 25 years. Representing the school family, rektorr walter joined in the remarks.
In addition to flowers and gifts, the jubilarians were presented with an honorary certificate from emilia muller, state minister for labor and social affairs, family and integration.

Two days before the big show, the excitement among the students of the vocational school for music (bfm) is certainly already high: on wednesday, they will present a concert at 7:00 p.M. In the afternoon.30 o’clock in the kronach kreiskulturraum a program that covers several musical areas at once. The percussionists in the percussion class will be playing "catching shadows" by ivan trevino to a rough classic of marimba music. The guitar ensemble plays from the "mouvements dynamiques" the french composer olivier bensa the first movement. The guitar players want to create an exciting sound experience through the influence of minimalist elements and strong rhythmic accents.
In this year’s project, the second-grade students are investigating the question of what happens to a musical motif when it is wrapped in the clothing of different genres.

Three days of remembrance

the brass quartet plays entertaining arrangements of traditional well-known songs and creates a bridge between the old and the new. The school’s tango ensemble performs "vaduz", a composition by the contemporary tango composer and guitarist juan carlos cuacci to be heard.
For the first time, the music school presents a contrabass quartet with an english bass suite as well as an arrangement of the beatles classic "michelle. The concert choir dedicates this year’s contribution to three commemorative days that fell in the current school year: from the becker psalter by heinrich schutz comes a cantorial movement about "ein feste burg", commemorating the 500th anniversary of the reformation. The choral song "dieu! Qu’il la fait bon regarder" by claude debussy is played to mark the 100th anniversary of his death. Death anniversary, and the "canzone by wilhelm killmayer pays tribute to the bavarian composer who died only last year. Admission is free.

Name & notes

From the volkach district of eichfeld celebrated her 90th birthday on monday. Birthday. The rusty senior citizen enjoyed a harmonious family celebration with her two children, brigitte and dieter, their families, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The congratulations of the city of volkach and the population were conveyed by mayor peter kornell and city councilor helmar hartner. The head of the city presented the mentally fit jubilarian with a bouquet of flowers.

Emma walter arrived on 11. Born on november 1923, the daughter of farmer kaspar durr and his wife johanna. She is a genuine eichfelderin. Together with her two brothers, she grew up in the town where she was born. Her brothers fell in the second world war. After finishing school, emma walter helped out on her parents’ farm. 1954 she married eichfeld farmer hans walter. Her husband had returned home from russian captivity late in life. Together, they worked on the farm.

rates approved fire protection for old school

Herget offered further components for fire protection. The renovation of the toilet facilities and two new entrance gates to the building came to 28,000 euros. He calculated another 23,000 euros for a new water and sewage system and 7,000 euros for the renewal of the electrical system.
During the meeting in the town hall, councillor alfons hausmann (CSU) said that building a clubhouse next to the schwedenberghalle would be the more favorable solution. Gunter zink (SPD-G) spoke out in favor of fire protection, new toilet facilities and electrical installation in the old school. "The cellar rooms could be additionally prepared and converted into a youth center", he added.

Talking to associations
elmar zier (burgerliste machtilshausen) spoke only for the fire protection. "We have two other school buildings in machtilshausen and langendorf that need to be renovated.", he recalled. Volker partsch (neue liste markt elfershausen) warned that "we are opening a big barrel with the renewal of the electrical system". Karl-heinz kickuth (SPD-G ) sees the sewage plant as a particular shortcoming. He recommended to find out which club will use which space before starting the macquisition.
Singing club, music club, scouts and carnival club have their domicile in the school built in 1908. The room of the disbanded kolping family is still available for use.
Planner herget is skeptical about the use of basement space for a youth center. "That will be difficult, there is no air conditioning system here", he explained. Mayor ludwig neeb (CSU) and his deputy, jurgen englert (SPD-G), argued that fire protection, which is essential in any case, should be the first priority for approval.
The clubs that have their headquarters in the old school should be invited to a talk, agreed the council. The installation of fire protection and the application for change of use was approved.
At its most recent meeting, the municipal council approved the 2013 budget. Bernhard buttner (CSU) criticized the "high level of debt". Mayor ludwig neeb (CSU) attributes this mainly to the reconstruction of the johannes-petri-school. He also believes that the credit of one million euros granted will not be called up. Investment program, articles of incorporation and staffing plan for 2013 approved by majority vote.