Rock classic at its best

Christiane reuther the mood on friday evening in the rathaushalle in habfurt was lively and exuberant. The cultural office habfurt had invited to a "u-30 classic rocknight" invited. Numerous fans of classic rock music were thrilled by the sound of the band "purple heart" grooving to the rhythm on the dance floor.

Sophisticated perfection in sound, garnished with a show that drives the audience wild, are the hallmark of the classic rock formation "purple heart". The six band members around the two singers and musicians heiko grabmeier and lara grabmeier rocked the stage and brought the rathaushalle to the boil with the best classic rock songs of the 70s and 80s – as promised in the beginning.

The public buildings are flagged in black, white and red, with floral decorations and garlands on the facades. With tschingderassabum a bayreuth music corps marches up in the morning and parades on the market square. Huge on the front page of the rundschau: otto von bismarck in a victory wreath. Among them a ten-verse poem by hans glenk, the melkendorf pastor and poet. Sample: "dab wir der sonne entgegen kuhn tragen unser panier. Thanks and blessings to you, hero chancellor, you! And may the towers crumble, dedicated to your name, the german sounds resound/you remain blessed."

There is no shortage of gayness, national pathos and hymns of praise in kulmbach to pay homage to bismarck on his hundredth birthday. But probably few burgers are in the mood for champagne. Nine months after the outbreak of the first world war, the supply situation worsens by the day, prices gallop, many suffer bitter hardship. 120 kulmbachers have already marched their husbands, sons or grandchildren on the "field of honor" calmly.

wiesenbronn winegrowers' association continues with a retained team

2017 held many surprises in store for the winegrowers, some of which the re-elected chairman of the wiesenbronn winegrowers’ association, mario hofmann, was happy to do without. Nevertheless: the past year was the most successful economically. The wine festival set records and the association enjoys a committed board of directors.

In his review at the annual meeting of the wiesenbronn winegrowers’ association, mario hofmann talked about the work in the vineyard during the year, especially about the climate. In particular, he presented the precipitation situation in franconia back to the year 2000. "The late summers are getting wetter," he summarized.

Concert in the Hofleser church

At the end of the year, the hofles-vogtendorf music society presented a concert entitled "music is our world". With this "community pop of the dutch composer kess vlak was also buried the visitors in the fully occupied church st. Marien in hofles.

The musicians took the audience into the world of opera with melodies from the works of verdi. 200 years ago, when there was neither radio nor television, verdi arranged the wind music titles. The time of the westerns was taken with "moment for morricone from different film music. This was followed by the "glenn miller parade" and the spanish gypsy dance, before they started with the "seeteufel-graf-luckner-march" the first part ended.

you hit the right note

Outstanding performances by the participants of the music school volkacher mainschleife at the state competition in the solo/duo competition in marktoberdorf. The highest score was awarded a total of three times. Also the rest of the field of participants showed the jurors the highest respect.
Lukas mauckner (euphonium with excellent results and national winner), verena haberkorn (clarinet with excellent results), georg binzenhofer (trombone with very good results) and philipp nicola (tuba with very good results) all young talents from the ranks of the volkach brass orchestra. Franz josef pschierer, who hosted this year’s state competition as president of the allgau-swabian music association, emphasized the importance of musical education in music schools and music clubs. For here, the children and young people not only received a profound musical education, but also key qualifications that will serve them well in later life.

35 hours of music
how good the training really is was once again demonstrated by the results in the solo/duo competition. 165 solo or duo performances were judged by eight three-person jury teams. A total of 35 hours of wind music were performed in the rooms of the bavarian music academy in marktoberdorf, in the town hall and in the rehearsal room of the stadtkapelle marktoberdorf.
At the closing ceremony, some of the young musicians once again showed their skills and proved that they were right to receive their high scores. Among them was lukas mauckner with his euphonium, one of three soloists who received the full score (100 points) in the competition.

Legends and truths

The hubertus masses have become a christian tradition, with hunters and friends of the hunting community playing wind instruments to provide the musical part of the service. For many years the mass has also been celebrated in the basilica of vierzehnheiligen. The parforce group of the bavarian hunt protection and hunter association lichtenfels impressed last saturday with powerful horn sound. The brass players were accompanied by the basilica organist georg hagel on the organ. In front of the basilica, the furst-pless-horn brass band from bad staffelstein blew traditional hunting signals before and after the service.

In his sermon, franciscan priest stanislaus wentowski urges people to turn away from irresponsible hunting and to turn to the careful treatment of the animal and plant world entrusted to them by humans. In order to maintain the balance, the hunters had to regulate and restore the equilibrium. The faithful were amused when the priest poured a bottle of "jagermeister" held up. He does not want to advertise for the herb liqueur, but on the label is the guiding principle of the hunters and hunters: "that is the hunter’s shield of honor, that he protects and cherishes his game, hunts like a hunter, as it should be, honors the hunter in the hunt.

the heart plays with the music club kasendorf

The spark jumped over immediately: whether the ka sendorfer musikanten under the direction of oliver bohl or the youth brass orchestra kasendorf under the direction of jurgen eschenbacher played. The youngsters had a "mazury rhapsody" and "sound of spring in the program, the older musicians offered a worthwhile mix of different styles: there were melodies from verdi’s opera "aida", light muse from the pen of franz von soup and musical melodies by andrew lloyd webber. Polkas and marches of the classical kind could not be missing as well as boogie and swing hits.

Gold for manfred prufer