Verstappen ahead of vettel at formula 1 qualifying session

World championship leader lewis hamilton in a mercedes takes third place. Vettel’s team threat charles leclerc, most recently winner in spa and monza, did not finish higher than 19th place due to a technical problem.

World championship runner-up valtteri bottas had a miserable start to the season. On his very first laps, the finn touched a wall with his silver arrow and damaged a tire. Later, he lost control in a curve and drove his car into the roadside barrier. The training was interrupted for nine minutes. Bottas climbed out of the wreckage apparently unharmed.

At the members’ meeting of the local SPD association in eltmann, chairman hans-georg hafner began by highlighting a number of municipal issues and emphasizing the good work done by the SPD in eltmann for the people. "City council work is not always presented in public", says hafner. He was referring in particular to the fact that in eltmann, the SPD has played a major role in keeping municipal fees and charges at their current low level. "This is the declared goal of the SPD to keep the fees and charges for all at a profitable level."

"We have advantages in eltmann, such as favorable building, living and housing, but on the other hand we also have to face negative sides, such as too few shopping opportunities," he said, explained the chairman.

Forchheimer mountain guard to the 7. time this year in use

The busy spatwinter continued on saturday for the bergwacht forchheim. To briefly
after 16.30 o’clock the mountain rescue team was called to an operation near uhleinshof/ wichsensein
alerted. A hunter had heard cries for help in a forest stucco. He discovered a hiker who had fallen badly and could no longer move under her own power.

The integrated control center bamberg then alerted the emergency doctor of the bavarian red cross (BRK) ebermannstadt, the ambulance of the arbeiter-samariter-bund grafenberg, the
head of the rescue service of the BRK forchheim, as well as the mountain guards on duty erlangen (location veilbronn) and furth (location untertrubbach). The rescue team leader, which was provided this weekend by the mountain rescue erlangen, decided in addition to the
landing vehicle (VW amarok) of the mountain rescue service forchheim because of the local conditions.

New violinist on stage

Daniel kim is the new violinist at the staatsbad philharmonie kissingen. Since the middle of december, he has been on stage with the orchestra and will perform at the christmas matinee on tuesday, 25. December, as part of the 20. Kissinger winterzaubers first time to play in max-littmann-saal.

As an integral part of cultural life in bad kissingen, the staatsbad kissingen philharmonic orchestra delights numerous guests and residents. The re-staffing of the orchestra is therefore an exciting challenge. "The multi-stage selection process for the violin was very exciting: we relied on our ear and evaluated the individual applicants on the basis of their musical performance, without looking at them and being distracted by their appearance", tells sylvie thormann, spa director and managing director of bayer. State bath bad kissingen gmbh. At the anonymous audition, the musicians of the kissingen state spa philharmonic orchestra, sylvie thormann, spa director and managing director of the bayer. Staatsbad bad kissingen gmbh, as well as employees of the bayer. Staatsbad bad kissingen gmbh present.