Saturday was the premiere in the hall of the guesthouse karolinenhohe. The individual roles could not have been better cast. The visitors had a great time and enjoyed hours of relaxation to the fullest.
About the content: franz and frieda kohlkopf are simple, decent farmers who work hard and earn very little. To make matters worse, there is daily "trouble" with her extremely health-conscious neighbor maja muslein, who swears by organic vegetable cultivation and the traditional chinese art of healing and makes a good living from it. Naive franz kohlkopf smells the big money when shady mario tries to sell him some strange plants. It becomes clear in the course of the three-part competition that these are hemp plants.
When a strange vacation guest takes up residence on the farm, things get turbulent. Conclusion of the plot: the bad ones are punished, the good ones win, and the ecological agriculture is not very good either.
With the choice of the play, the amateur actors had made a stroke of luck, the roles seemed to be written on the bodies of the actors. For a first, admiring "oh" the colorful backdrop provided. The piece is written in high german. The theater group breathes life into the characters by putting the local dialect into their mouths and by caricaturing village events. Local color, many gags, all musical interludes and french terms are built in by the group. Linguistic variety always comes with the actors who come to the gemusehof. The pizza baker giovanni: "I don’t serve schnitzel from die jager, nor from die osterreicher (wiener schnitzel)". After stomach problems he has "nothing more to fall through". The waxy thorsten, who brings a berlin slang, cheers: "hach, da jibt es ja eine mannerschwemme." the young wife of the pizza maker is no longer quite convinced of his sexual qualities: "he used to be a fiery ferrari, but now he’s just a rusty old alfa romeo"." the drug dealer mario threatens with his gun: "alla batscher nauf" (alla batscher up), which translates as "act up" heibt. Franz kohlkopf scolds the esoteric muslitante all the time: "the gruh-gspritze spinach quail, the supreme guru of the muslifressers, she has to rub her face in." his wife erika keeps an eye on things and quickly realizes that mario is a shady guy who is up to some crooked stuff. His uncouth manner disturbs them. Mario: "hey, mrs. Sauerkraut, let me have some coffee, but stork." and klaus didn’t invent work, but inherited his father’s laziness: "my father has always said: I’d rather have blouses on my back than blouses on my hand from work." mrs. Bauersfeld is horrified when she sees that mrs. Musli is shoveling her customers’ urine onto the plants: "iiiih, the piss from the hangover ah nuch! Dou wedd am ja ganz schlecht."The
persons and their actors: franz kohlkopf, gemusebauer: christian schupferling; frieda kohlkopf his wife: maja musli; okolandwirtin: carmen reub; klaus musli: josef schratz; giovanni, pizzabacker: norbert eidenschink; maria his wife: katharina kraub; henneliese von malsenring zu rapsenberg, customer of maja: anika lutter; berta bankersfeld, store owner: gitti templin; mario, drug dealer: johannes zenk; thorsten, drug investigator: jens muller. Prompter: lisa templin.

The new building of the senior citizens’ center was the focus of an information afternoon in haus waldenfels. On her tour of the district, member of the bundestag elisabeth scharfenberg (bundnis 90 / die grunen) visited bad kissingen and bad bruckenau. She is the spokesperson for old-age and care policy and a member of the health committee in her parliamentary group. Scharfenberg quickly made contact with the residents.
"I hope I live to see the new building", 94-year-old resident else hippler made a wish. After the architect dieter ben kauffmann, who was commissioned with the planning, had vividly awakened desires with his 3-D model of the new building, this was only too understandable.
"Our over 40 year old house waldenfels is getting on in years", confirmed marco schafer, director of the von hesssche foundation. The new building ensemble between ernst-putzstrabe and crailsheimstrabe is to be built on the former site of the district hospital. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for next spring, but the exact date is not yet known.
There are plans for a nursing home, assisted living, living quarters for the disabled, as well as outpatient and inpatient caritas services, but also private facilities. Group meetings with seniors from outside the house and younger generations have also been considered, schafer explained.
"This is a major building decision by the foundation", mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) was pleased with the "filigree building design on a slope". This will positively liven up the cityscape. Last but not least jobs were secured and increased.
"Waldenfels is just one of many stations that i visit as a spokesperson for care policy in bavaria", said scharfenberg. The new plan is in line with the idea of bringing together different groups such as the disabled, the elderly and the young. In the area of the nursing care insurance it is necessary to change some structures, so that the financing is guaranteed.
"Care must not be a private sector, but a social obligation", scharfenberg called for increased commitment from the rich. Profits from renting and leasing as well as interest income from property are suitable sources for tax purposes. "Solidarity is not a one-way street, said scharfenberg.
In bad kissingen, scharfenberg was previously at the day care of the nursing service. "I had gained a very good impression there. This care service is an important facility, especially for dementia patients", she said and added: "it is a great relief for carers during the day".

Why the bavarian sports youth is so valuable

Ute braun remains chairwoman of the bayerische sportjugend (bsj) in lower franconia. The experienced functionary from nordheim was confirmed unanimously for four years in her office on the district day in grettstadt. Deputy chairwoman remains manuela schneider. Stefanie scheer (elementary sports, sports in schools and clubs), carmen burk (international youth work), wolfgang schmitt (teaching and educational work), philipp jeske (youth ring and professional associations) and juli heubeck (youth projects) were elected as assessors for the individual departments. Jasper westphal and lena plettner will in the future represent the interests of young people in the district as youth spokespersons in the work of the board, as it says in a press release of the district sports youth.

In the presence of schweinfurt’s district administrator florian topper and BLSV president jorg ammon, the district youth leadership gave an account of its work in its reports. She told of many small cooperations with kindergartens in lower franconia, a bsj project for prevention and health promotion for small and preschool children. At the core of this is the motor development of children and the education of parents for a healthy lifestyle.

Under the motto "my free space. My health. At any age. Even after the job" takes place on saturday, 6. October, from 10 a.M. To 3 p.M. In the georgihalle in bad bruckenau the 1. Participation fair held.

Aging is not a bad thing, but you should be prepared. Therefore, the event is primarily aimed at people who are about to retire or who are about to retire. The health region PLUS and the health office of the district office bad kissingen together with the city of bad bruckenau invite you to actively participate in the 6. October to be there. With this day, they want to implement the annual campaign of the bavarian ministry of health and provide suggestions for improving health in the areas of exercise, nutrition, social interaction and memory.