Award for the riding club

Award for the riding club

An unusual award was presented to the schwanberg riding club from groblangheim. In the nationwide competition "our tournament should be better 2013", the riding club was among the top three. This was reported by mathias pfriem, chairman of the riding club, at the annual general meeting.

The competition judged not only the innovative event concept, the recruitment of helpers, the public relations work and the sponsoring, but also the supporting program, the club announced in a letter to the press. Mathias pfriem accepted the prize with a small delegation at the international horse show "lowen classics" in braunschweig.

For pfriem, the award is an incentive to do even better at the riding club’s rough riding tournament next may. It has been shown that even a local organizer can be very attractive for spectators and sponsors. In addition to the may tournament, there was an indoor show jumping tournament for the second time in january, a junior tournament in the fall and a vaulting tournament of its own.

A team from the schwanberg riding club achieved a completely different honor at the "coal shovel competition" on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the staudinger power plant in grobkotzenburg, hesse. The groblangheim team with alexander koch, marcel lehner, dominik zimmer, matthias jeschke and dominik lehner managed to shovel 2337 kilograms of coal into a coal cart in three minutes – and thus won the first prize of 500 euros for the club’s coffers

The main focus of the riding club is on young talent, reported chairman pfriem further. Last season the club bought two new school horses. During the week there are 13 riding and lunging lessons, in addition there were for the young riders in the past year a vaulting camp, a riding camp with rider badge course, a jumping course and the christmas ride.

In his outlook for the coming twelve months, pfriem highlighted the rough jumping and dressage tournament of 9. Until 11. May. Like last year, participation in the easter ride, the krackenmarkt and the st.-martins-umzug planned, but also at the ferienpassaktion, stressed the first chairman, as it in the message finally heibt.

The new elections resulted in: chairman remains mathias pfriem, his deputy is arno nublein (anna riedel did not stand for election due to professional reasons), secretary claudia rehm, treasurer stefanie pfriem. Mathias pfriem thanked anna riedel for her loving commitment and dedication over the past four years.

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