Vacancies and shortages

The deanery synod of the coburg evangelical lutheran deanery district has begun its work. In a service in the heiligkreuzkirche, the 84 representatives of the 51 church congregations were commissioned and blessed for their service by deans stefan kirchberger and andreas kleefeld. The deanery synod is the church parliament that governs the deanery district. The new deanery synod also includes mayors martin finzel, marco steiner, thomas nowak, martin stingl and jochen hassel.

Ortrun stenglein-groschel (coburg st.) were elected to the prasidium of the deanery synod. Moriz) and markus wecker (coburg heiligkreuz) elected. The deanery committee leads the deanery district between the three sessions of the deanery synod. The members are: dean stefan kirchberger, dean andreas kleefeld, the two representatives of the deanery synod, pastor rolf robteuscher (senior of the deanery chapter), pastor dirk acksteiner (sonnefeld), regina corfei (watzendorf), pastor rolf gorny (ahorn), petra heeb (coburg st.), pastor rolf gorny (ahorn), and pastor rolf gorny (ahorn). Lukas), anja keyser (youth education center neukirchen), noah meibner (meeder), thomas nowak (coburg johanneskirche), pastor heidi reith (weidhausen), pastor alexander rosenmeyer (creidlitz), heidi schulke (coburg st. Lukas), martin stingl (neustadt bei coburg), alexander thomas (coburg st. Matthaus) and andreas waltz (dorfles-esbach).

Untersteinach children can splash around in water

A water playground worth 15,000 euros has now been opened at the untersteinach children’s daycare center. Background to the "new water-mud trench" project was the tenth anniversary of the facility, which was celebrated last year.

Since then, around 9000 euros have been collected through many campaigns as well as donations and sponsorships. The communities of untersteinach and guttenberg also contributed a total of 1,500 euros to the financing of the project. Since the remaining costs were covered by the kindergarten in untersteinach, the children’s heartfelt wish was quickly realized.

Another hit

Willy kastner is satisfied. His boxing tournament in the "fritz" shopping center was again a hit. 300 spectators rewarded the head of the boxing department of the ATS kulmbach and his team for their extensive preparations. But even the best planning is useless if clubs like ansbach cancel at short notice or the weight of some boxers is not right. Willy kastner had actually organized 29 fights, but in the end only 15 came to fruition. The guests from ingolstadt and weibenburg were especially unlucky, as many of their fighters had traveled to the event for nothing.
Of the seven ATS boxers who applied, only three were able to enter the ring. While the girls sarah ganzleben, sara hain and doreen fleck were unable to find opponents, heavyweight sven angles was unable to compete due to a fall with his motorcycle. This also prevented him from taking part in the south german championships.

Brabander’s first home victory

Where the globe grows

Jochen berger

A kind of concrete ruff has been created in recent weeks on the site of the former guterbahnhof in coburg.

World store makes town a 'fair trade town

Always keen to diversify their offerings, the team of volunteers also made every effort to expand the range of products last year. The lebenswelt association promoted its products at parish festivals, clothing drives, lectures and school visits, as chairwoman monika mutzel explained at the members’ meeting.
Mutzel wants to turn hammelburg into a “fair trade town transform. Schools, cafes and restaurants should also offer fair trade products in the future. Cooperation with other clubs was desirable. The chairwoman recommended that the refugees be included in the charge. She is also striving for a dialogue with groups from the church sector. The formation of networks has already started with the “entangled world” started. Women knit scarves with wool from the world store, which are later made into blankets. Before that, the club wants to “warmly wrap” the market fountain at the michael market.
This year’s donations will go to the evangelical church community for its children in need project in nairobi and to christian mussig for a bolivianian children’s hospital.
Business manager gaby ordelheide explained the range of products, which also includes items from the lebenshilfe workshops. Optimized software now makes it possible to offer a better service. Rita scholl presented the financial report: according to this report, the lebenswelt association has 69 members and a solid financial basis. Daniela hofbauer had to report a drop in sales, which – as irene fell believed – was the result of lower purchases. However, the supplier in alzenau had also closed down, so the club had to look for a new partner.
At the new elections, chairwoman monika mutzel again received the trust for the next three years. The equal chairman, rudolf heckmann, resigned from his office. Brigitte ruppert took over the responsibility at the top of the association in his place. Rita scholl remains treasurer, michaela drescher secretary. The treasurers dorothee tuchscherer and stefanie schlereth also took up their office again. Assessors are margit weibenberger, eva zehe and rudolf heckmann.

Rock classic at its best

Christiane reuther the mood on friday evening in the rathaushalle in habfurt was lively and exuberant. The cultural office habfurt had invited to a "u-30 classic rocknight" invited. Numerous fans of classic rock music were thrilled by the sound of the band "purple heart" grooving to the rhythm on the dance floor.

Sophisticated perfection in sound, garnished with a show that drives the audience wild, are the hallmark of the classic rock formation "purple heart". The six band members around the two singers and musicians heiko grabmeier and lara grabmeier rocked the stage and brought the rathaushalle to the boil with the best classic rock songs of the 70s and 80s – as promised in the beginning.

Old town festival in nurnberg opened

The old town festival takes place this year from 13. – 24. September 2012. Burgermeister horst forther made it on 13. September opened at 17:30 in representation of the oberburgermeister. In the almost two weeks is also again a lot offered on the island debris.

On saturday, 15. September, there will be a rough procession starting at 12 noon. With more than 35 groups, beer wagons, horse-drawn carriages, traditional costume groups, samba dancers, various craft guilds and many musical groups, the old town association offers one of the largest festivals in central franconia. The participants march from jakobsplatz over the weiben turm and the lorenzkirche to hans-sachs-square

Saturday was the premiere in the hall of the guesthouse karolinenhohe. The individual roles could not have been better cast. The visitors had a great time and enjoyed hours of relaxation to the fullest.
About the content: franz and frieda kohlkopf are simple, decent farmers who work hard and earn very little. To make matters worse, there is daily "trouble" with her extremely health-conscious neighbor maja muslein, who swears by organic vegetable cultivation and the traditional chinese art of healing and makes a good living from it. Naive franz kohlkopf smells the big money when shady mario tries to sell him some strange plants. It becomes clear in the course of the three-part competition that these are hemp plants.
When a strange vacation guest takes up residence on the farm, things get turbulent. Conclusion of the plot: the bad ones are punished, the good ones win, and the ecological agriculture is not very good either.
With the choice of the play, the amateur actors had made a stroke of luck, the roles seemed to be written on the bodies of the actors. For a first, admiring "oh" the colorful backdrop provided. The piece is written in high german. The theater group breathes life into the characters by putting the local dialect into their mouths and by caricaturing village events. Local color, many gags, all musical interludes and french terms are built in by the group. Linguistic variety always comes with the actors who come to the gemusehof. The pizza baker giovanni: "I don’t serve schnitzel from die jager, nor from die osterreicher (wiener schnitzel)". After stomach problems he has "nothing more to fall through". The waxy thorsten, who brings a berlin slang, cheers: "hach, da jibt es ja eine mannerschwemme." the young wife of the pizza maker is no longer quite convinced of his sexual qualities: "he used to be a fiery ferrari, but now he’s just a rusty old alfa romeo"." the drug dealer mario threatens with his gun: "alla batscher nauf" (alla batscher up), which translates as "act up" heibt. Franz kohlkopf scolds the esoteric muslitante all the time: "the gruh-gspritze spinach quail, the supreme guru of the muslifressers, she has to rub her face in." his wife erika keeps an eye on things and quickly realizes that mario is a shady guy who is up to some crooked stuff. His uncouth manner disturbs them. Mario: "hey, mrs. Sauerkraut, let me have some coffee, but stork." and klaus didn’t invent work, but inherited his father’s laziness: "my father has always said: I’d rather have blouses on my back than blouses on my hand from work." mrs. Bauersfeld is horrified when she sees that mrs. Musli is shoveling her customers’ urine onto the plants: "iiiih, the piss from the hangover ah nuch! Dou wedd am ja ganz schlecht."The
persons and their actors: franz kohlkopf, gemusebauer: christian schupferling; frieda kohlkopf his wife: maja musli; okolandwirtin: carmen reub; klaus musli: josef schratz; giovanni, pizzabacker: norbert eidenschink; maria his wife: katharina kraub; henneliese von malsenring zu rapsenberg, customer of maja: anika lutter; berta bankersfeld, store owner: gitti templin; mario, drug dealer: johannes zenk; thorsten, drug investigator: jens muller. Prompter: lisa templin.

Fsv phonix honors its most loyal members

At a well-attended and atmospheric celebration in the festively decorated clubhouse, FSV phonix buttenheim honored numerous long-serving members and reviewed the past year. The program was led by dieter karmann, head of the events department. The buttenheimer christkind with his angels could not be missing, as well as the musical framing of the event by a brass band of the musikverein buttenheim.

The chairwoman of the administration, rita sawinsky, and the honorary officer of the association, margit fritschi, took over the honoring of the present members of the association, who were awarded for 25, 40 and 50 years of loyalty to the association. For the 60-year membership award of otto fortsch and the 70-year membership award of gregor kraus and martin reichold, honorary chairman herbert karmann contributed memories in words and pictures.

Hirschaid is gripped by joy

"On sunday, 27. January, 11.11 a.M., all bachelors must perform manual and tension service in the shoveling of snow on the friesener warte!" should such a notice be sent to male residents of the municipality in the next few days, they do not need to take it seriously. Because: the key power for the city hall has since friday evening the harschaada fools. God woman, what they come up with now to keep the boys fooled.

Third mayor erwin kramer handed out the golden town hall exclamation point to the prince and princess after good words of encouragement from his superior romana gensel, second mayor and head of entertainment for the municipality. The tollitaten alexander I. And elena I. Swing since then in hirschaid the the scepter. Until ash wednesday on 13. February, then also this spook is past.